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Hector Lombard calls out ‘fake f*ck’ Tyron Woodley to settle years-long beef: ‘He’s just a piece of sh*t’

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship - Lombard vs. Mundell Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images

Hector Lombard never bites his tongue when he has something to say. That’s especially true when he addresses former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

At one time, both fighters were training at American Top Team in Florida — although Lombard is quick to note that they were never teammates. But whatever relationship they did have disintegrated after the former Bellator champion accused Woodley of bashing him behind his back to a girl he was seeing at the same gym.

Since then, Lombard has been calling for a fight against Woodley. Now that both are available without any promotional constraints, he believes there’s no better time to make it happen.

“One-hundred percent [this should happen],” Lombard told MMA Fighting. “A lot of people want to see that fight. I know soon he will have no money, because he’s so dumb and stupid that he doesn’t know how to keep his money, and I’ll be waiting.”

Lombard previously detailed the entire incident in a post on Instagram where he claimed Woodley spoke to the girl he was seeing under the guise of assisting with an injury, only to then turn around and talk bad about Lombard in a private conversation with her.

While Lombard takes responsibility for his own transgressions with that particular relationship, he doesn’t give Woodley a pass of any kind for what he did at the time.

“Listen, if you have a girl — for me just as principle and principle of being a man — girlfriend, side piece, whatever it is, I won’t touch that,” Lombard said. “Plus, I’m super pissed at guys that do that kind of sh*t. Guys who try to get girls who are having a relationship with somebody. That’s a sickness. I would never try to do that. If you have a girl, she’s dead to me. She can be my sister. Whatever relationship you have with her, it’s you.

“He’s a fake bastard. I told people a long time ago he’s a fake f*ck and everybody was bashing me. I get it. But now you see that I wasn’t wrong. He’s just a fake f*ck. He don’t believe in sh*t. He used to hide behind religion, ‘I’m a Christian,’ and he tried to screw everybody’s girls and he tried to do silly sh*t. What kind of Christian are you? But I said to a lot of people, time will tell the true color. You can see. You see now who has the truth. Me. I said the truth and now I’m saying the truth. He’s just a piece of sh*t.”

The grudge between the two fighters dates back several years, but Lombard has never forgotten about his promise to clash with Woodley when the time was right.

He confronted Woodley at a BKFC event back in July but later said that he didn’t want the altercation to turn physical because he was there as a representative of the bare-knuckle fighting promotion.

Most recently, Woodley suffered a knockout loss to social influencer-turned-boxer Jake Paul, but that has nothing to do with why Lombard is asking for a fight against him.

“I knew he was going to get beat up,” Lombard said about Woodley’s loss. “My beef or me wanting to fight him is not because he got beat up. My beef is for other things. It’s not like this beef is today or last year. It’s been around. Because he’s just a p*ssy piece of sh*t.”

In the past, Lombard says Woodley always avoided a fight against him based upon the fact that they both trained at the same gym, but he believes those excuses are long since dead and buried.

That’s why he’s once again taking aim at Woodley, and he’s ready to settle this grudge in the boxing ring, in a bare-knuckle fight, or even mixed martial arts if that’s what it takes.

“We were never teammates. He made that up for an excuse,” Lombard said. “We trained once, I beat his ass and he knew that he couldn’t do sh*t with me, and that’s why he always [declined] fighting me. I was chasing him when I was at 170. I remember one day he tried to give me tips when I was fighting Jake Shields. Shut up. He was trying to give me tips again when I fought Nate Marquardt also. We never were friends.

“I can fight anything that he wants. We can do it all. I don’t give a f*ck. Let’s do it any way you want.”

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