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Video: Sean O’Malley hands out $100 cash to strangers at Walmart for Christmas

The Sean O’Malley business has been booming and he was recently in a mood to spread the wealth.

“Sugar” hit up a Walmart during the holidays to hand out wads of $100 in cash to random strangers and you can watch video of his charitable efforts above. The reactions vary from grateful to disbelieving to complete bewilderment, with plenty of the lucky recipients familiar with O’Malley’s work inside the UFC octagon.

Check out how O’Malley doled out Christmas cheer — and how difficult it is to get some folks to take free money.

O’Malley’s 2021 was a successful one as he competed on three UFC pay-per-views and scored victories by KO/TKO at each one. At the same time, he continued to make headlines with his unique brand of marketing — O’Malley has dubbed himself the “unranked champion” — and through his various social media channels.

The immediate future is unknown for O’Malley as he is seen in the above video sporting a cast due to a thumb injury. According to the list of official medical suspensions, he could be out of action until June pending clearance from an orthopedic doctor.

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