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Nate Diaz: ‘Sisters’ Jake and Logan Paul ‘playing boxing with wrestlers who can’t box or lil ass Floyd’

MMA: UFC 266-Diaz vs Lawler Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Nate Diaz made quite the impression in the audience for Jake Paul’s rematch with Tyron Woodley.

Diaz got a big pop from the crowd, weighed in on the main event in characteristic fashion, sent an unknown MMA fighter to the laundromat and found himself the target of Paul’s callout after a highlight-reel knockout of Woodley. His crew even got into a brief scuffle with Bellator champ A.J. McKee.

The Stockton, Calif., native has now responded to Paul’s post-fight callout by taking a shot at brothers Jake and Logan Paul, posing a picture beside security guards he said were hired to protect him, presumably against a Stockton slap, and used a little bit of reverse psychology to interest the brothers.

“The Paul sisters hired this security team to make sure I wouldn’t get to them, like I was actually trying too, but it’s alll good with u guys I don’t take this fight thang with u2 serious,” he wrote. “You guys playing boxing with wrestlers who can’t box or lil ass Floyd and that’s not cool bruh but it’s good I’m a real fighter from the real fight game so don’t trip so hard when you see me fellas let’s just be friends it’s good.”

UFC stars like Diaz have been the centerpiece of Jake Paul’s push into boxing, but only those free of their contracts – octagon veterans like Ben Askren and Woodley – have been able to seriously entertain the possibility. UFC President Dana White hasn’t given any indication he’s open to co-promoting a bout with Paul and Co., and Paul scoffed at the idea of a recent pitch from Jorge Masvidal to fight in the octagon under a gentleman’s agreement (or pony up big enough numbers to convince White to co-sign).

Diaz reportedly is on the last fight of his current UFC contract and recently signaled his willingness to take on Dustin Poirier, whom he was scheduled to fight at UFC 230 before the fight fell apart. Poirier immediately stepped up, and White said he would try to make the fight happen. But as of yet, Diaz’s plans have not been made official.

Pinning down the longtime UFC star remains a challenge for his promoters. A lucrative fight with Paul would undoubtedly be in Diaz’s best interest. But until the UFC gives the green light, tweets encouraging a fight will remain just that.

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