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Jake Paul brutally knocks out Tyron Woodley with one punch to finish rematch

Whatever questions remained from the first fight, Jake Paul answered emphatically in his rematch with Tyron Woodley on Saturday night.

While it wasn’t the most exciting affair through five plus rounds, Paul ultimately needed just one devastating right hand that absolutely blasted Woodley, sending the former UFC champion face first down to the canvas. The fight was stopped immediately as referee Christopher Young called for medical personnel to check on Woodley, who eventually got back to his feet.

The end came at 2:12 in the sixth round.

“This is as real as it f*cking gets just like my right hand,” Paul shouted after moving to 5-0 in his career with four knockouts. “I told you I was going to f*ck him up and I f*cked him up!

“This guy is a legend. Don’t take anything away from his career as a UFC champion. Respect him for taking this fight on two weeks’ notice cause Tommy Fury’s a b*tch and he backed out of the fight. This is a real fighter.”

Unlike the first fight, Woodley actually got off to a quick start by throwing big looping punches while Paul looked to establish his jab from the outside. After the opening minute, Woodley slowed down a bit, opting to explode forward with single shots as Paul used his footwork to stay out of the way.

As the second round got underway, Paul cracked Woodley with a well-placed overhand right that got the crowd on its feet as he sought to showcase his power, which didn’t get displayed much in the initial meeting. Woodley came back with a big right hand of his own, although he didn’t land as clean as Paul during the exchange.

Paul snapped off two more stiff jabs in the third round that got Woodley’s attention before an accidental elbow in the clinch opened a nasty gash as the Ohio native felt the blood start dripping down his face. As Paul dealt with a cut for the first time in his young career, Woodley started firing away with another right hand slipping through his opponent’s defense.

The output from Woodley was better than the first fight but not all that much improved and it resulted in a lot of single punches thrown rather than any combinations. Paul was doing much the same, although he did still manage to stick a jab in Woodley’s face and then going back down to the body as well.

That repetition to make Woodley respect the body shots is what actually set up the knockout as Paul looked for that same combination in the sixth round.

This time, Paul looked to the body but then came back over the top with the right hand that separated Woodley from consciousness as soon as the punch landed.

“It was a tough fight,” Paul said about his performance. “I got the job done. I knew it would happen like that. Like a lumberjack. Timber.”

Woodley was understandably downtrodden once he got back to his feet but he added that he was “good” despite the brutal knockout. He now falls to 0-2 in his boxing career after the second straight loss to Paul on Saturday night.

As for Paul, he remains undefeated while looking forward to what will undoubtedly become an ambitious 2022 as the social influencer turned boxer seeks to build on an already impressive resume through five fights.

When it came to potential opponents, Paul wasted no time turning his attention to two more UFC superstars who just so happened to be in the building with hopes of luring one of them into a fight next year.

“[Jorge] Masvidal and Nate Diaz, you all are some b*tches for leaving this arena,” Paul shouted. “Cause I know you don’t want that sh*t. I’ll take out both of y’all next. Just get out of your contract with Daddy Dana [White] and I’m going to f*ck them up, too.”

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