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Paul vs. Woodley 2 results: Amanda Serrano punishes Miriam Gutierrez to win lopsided decision in co-main event

Amanda Serrano put on another dominant performance on Saturday night and now she’s positioned herself for arguably the most anticipated fight in women’s boxing.

As the co-main event at the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley 2 card, Serrano absolutely punished Miriam Gutierrez over 10 rounds to win a lopsided unanimous decision. The final scorecards read 99-90, 99-91 and 100-90 with Serrano picking up her 28th consecutive victory in a row.

The win now likely sets up Serrano for a showdown with Irish superstar Katie Taylor in a highly anticipated matchup in 2022.

“I think I belong in 135 [pounds],” Serrano said after moving up in weight for the fight. “I’m a true warrior. I’m a true champion. She’s a tough girl. I fought the best Miriam Gutierrez and I beat her.”

There was no feeling out process for Serrano, who came after Gutierrez with a flurry of punches as soon as she was released from the corner. Serrano walked Gutierrez down, backed her into the corner and then just started unloading with a huge barrage of punches going to the body and head repeatedly.

Serrano continued to chip away at Gutierrez with another blistering series of punches against the ropes, although she was careful not to disregard her opponent’s counters. Still, Serrano’s accuracy and output forced Gutierrez to look more for one big punch rather than being able to put together combinations.

While Serrano was connecting with the better shots through the fourth round, Gutierrez wasn’t going away and she was starting to give as good as she was getting. In one particularly fast exchange, Gutierrez landed clean with a pair of nasty right hooks that made Serrano pay attention while still returning fire with her opponent backed near the ropes.

As the fight moved into the later rounds, Serrano really started to find a home for her left hand, which bloodied Gutierrez’s nose as the damage really started to accumulate. Recognizing that Gutierrez was stunned, Serrano was looking for the kill shot as she just kept blasting away with hopes of earning the knockout.

The assault from Serrano was just relentless and even when she got clipped by a counter from Gutierrez, she just marched through it and continued to fire away. With two minutes remaining, Serrano kept digging to the body and then came back over the top with lefts and rights to the head as Gutierrez was largely turtled up just trying to weather the storm.

Over 10 rounds, Serrano just battered Gutierrez with ridiculous volume and she never slowed down until the final bell sounded. Considering Gutierrez also made it to a decision with Taylor just this past November, Serrano was certainly looking to make a statement and she certainly put an exclamation point on her win Saturday night.

Now let the negotiations begin as Serrano looks to clash with Taylor next year.

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