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Video: Mayor defeats ex-city councillor in MMA fight in Brazil

Two Brazilian politicians decided to settle this differences inside a MMA cage this past Sunday in Borba, Brazil.

The mayor of the small town located in the Northern region of Brazil, Simao Peixoto was tired of getting constantly criticized online by former city councillor Erineu Alves da Silva, known in the area as “Mirico.” So Silva challenged Peixoto to a fight, and the mayor agreed, local website BNC Amazonas reported earlier this month.

Peixoto, 39, and the 44-year-old Mirico entered the cage at around 3am local time. The mayor gave his rival the throat-slash sign multiple times before the fight started.

Silva hurt the mayor with several low kicks early on before getting knocked down. The duo engaged in a sloppy contest, but clearly entertained the audience for three rounds. Peixoto defeated the former city councillor via split decision, and the two embraced in the end.

Watch the highlights below.

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