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Vasiliy Lomachenko vs. Richard Commey full fight video highlights

Watch Vasiliy Lomachenko vs. Richard Commey full fight video highlights from the Lomachenko vs. Commey main event, courtesy of ESPN and Top Rank Boxing.

Lomachenko vs. Commey took place Dec. 11 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The lightweight main event saw Lomachenko (16-2) and Commey (30-4) compete for a vacant WBO Inter-Continental title. The fight aired live on ESPN+.

Catch more video highlights below.

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Round 1: Commey looking to use his length early, will be easier said than done. Loma staying back, dipping, feinting, reading Commey. I’m trying very hard to not say downloading ah crap Tessitore said it. The usual Lomachenko opening round, in all honesty, and Commey isn’t pressing for anything reckless, either. Commey clips Loma with a little right hand late, stepping around Lomachenko and landing. GOOD body shot from Commey and Lomachenko backs off a bit to reset. Nice lead left from Lomachenko late. Think Commey takes the round, but not the type where your mind changes either way on what you thought coming in.

Commey 10-9

Round 2: Getting closer early this round, tying up some. Loma with some nice defensive movement, making Commey miss. Commey throwing the right, misses again. Good body shot from Loma, and then one from Commey! Another great left to the body from Loma, then he spins around, using his angles, but Commey gets his hands up and Loma can’t follow up with the offense. Left hook from Commey misses, but then he gets one in. Body shot again from Commey. Lomachenko firing the jab off a couple times. Left hook from Commey, but then Lomachenko with a terrific combo late in the round, and he just walks away before the bell can sound.

Lomachenko 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: Lomachenko’s tactics starting to become more effective. Loma also getting physical, a small guy at lightweight but as Bradley notes, he’s very good at that stuff. Commey still doing some decent stuff, and then another slick left hand from Lomachenko. Lomachenko with another left. Takes the step around and lands on a three-punch combo. He really looks sharp again tonight. Commey looks fine, but Loma is Loma tonight. GREAT left hand from Lomachenko stings Commey clearly.

Lomachenko 10-9, 29-28

Round 4: Loma with more nice combo work. It’s the foot work, the angles — just the skill gap, really. Commey’s a good fighter, Loma can be like this, though. More body work from Lomachenko, and it’s good body work. Commey pressures hard back, throwing a combo, mostly blocked but making clear he’s not going away yet. Great little uppercut from Lomachenko. More body work from Loma. Jabs up top. He’s putting it together and the confidence is fully there now. He thinks he’s got this fully in control, and may be right.

Lomachenko 10-9, 39-37

Round 5: Commey trying to get to the body, then unleashes a right up top but it’s mostly blocked. Loma moving around, keeping Commey off balance a bit, not able to lock in on anything. Commey getting some decent body shots again now. But then a nice little, quick combo from Loma. More Lomachenko ~craft~ in this round. Not quite as much offense from him but probably still enough, in all honesty.

Lomachenko 10-9, 49-46

Round 6: Lomachenko continuing to do what he does. Good left down the middle. Lomachenko winning the brief exchange, Commey just failing to figure out the real openings. He’s fighting well, really, cannot stress that enough. There’s just a notable and clear skill gap with Lomachenko on this form. Commey with a body shot, though. And then Lomachenko comes back quickly enough that it’s easy to basically forget what Commey did well. Clinching from Loma, tactical, Calzaghe-style clinching. Combo from Loma with a body shot in there. Loma making Commey miss with a right hand again. Blocking a combination to the head.

Lomachenko 10-9, 59-55

Round 7: Lomachenko doing more good work this round and then OH DOWN GOES COMMEY ON A SHORT LEFT HAND IN CLOSE QUARTERS! Commey’s legs aren’t there but we’re going to continue. Lomachenko is telling Commey’s corner to stop the fight. Left hand Lomachenko. Commey’s legs are shot and Loma is basically begging Commey’s corner to stop the fight. Loma battering Commey in the corner, Commey doing his best to hang on and fire back. Another clean left from Loma. Another short one like before. Commey doing everything he can here. Huge respect.

Lomachenko 10-8, 69-63

Round 8: Commey corner saying they’ll stop it if he gets hurt again. Doctor checks Commey and lets the fight go at the start of the round. Lomachenko really not pressing but Commey also not really doing anything, still not fully recovered. Little right hook from Loma, who is sort of peppering away. Loma seems to genuinely like Commey and have no great interest in doing big damage. I mean, he’s going to do his job, but there’s something to it. Loma with little shots, then resets at distance. Heads clash a bit, no cuts. Left hand from Loma lands clean late in the round.

Lomachenko 10-9, 79-72

Round 9: Commey is still trying, has a ton of heart, but there’s just not much in his attacks anymore. Doesn’t have a ton left. But he’s still doing his best. Loma did take the 8th easy a bit, but after a fast start from Commey this round I think Vasiliy still won this round.

Lomachenko 10-9, 89-81

Round 10: Lomachenko still setting things up, Commey still doing his best to not get totally set up. You absolutely have to respect Commey’s grit and effort here. He’s really, really trying. Loma barely misses a big uppercut, and Commey’s having these little pockets of success still. Little hook late from Loma.

Lomachenko 10-9, 99-90

Round 11: There’s really no way to say this other than say it, Lomachenko’s still winning the fight but he’s not doing as much as he probably could. This is sort of Bivol-ish, other than Loma really tried to stop the fight in the seventh round. He didn’t and he’s not trying to push ever since. But Lomachenko keeps doing enough to win the rounds, too.

Lomachenko 10-9, 109-99

Round 12: Commey really trying to find some opening to land a shot, letting his hands go, landing basically nothing at all in the first minute. Lomachenko with a little shot, Commey does get one back. Commey really trying to land big. Loma with a great left to the body, then a right to the body. Then a left up top. If Commey’s work rate was winning the round, now it’s not. More body shots from Lomachenko. Lomachenko again just did more effective work. Commey deserves great credit for his heart tonight, but the class was pretty much all Loma.

Lomachenko 10-9, 119-108

Official result: Vasiliy Lomachenko def. Richard Commey via unanimous decision (117-110, 119-108, 119-108)

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