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UFC 269 video: Andre Muniz wraps up another nasty armbar to finish Eryk Anders, calls out Darren Till

Andre Muniz is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the nastiest finishers in the middleweight division.

At UFC 269 on Saturday night, the Brazilian wrapped up his third straight submission by armbar after he tapped out Eryk Anders with the same hold that snapped Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza’s arm in his previous appearance. Thankfully, Anders avoided that kind of injury but he couldn’t escape the submission as Muniz got the win with the end coming at 3:13 in the opening round.

“I thought initially, the first position against ‘Jacare’ was luck,” Muniz said about his latest submission win. “Maybe that’s my position and I dominate.

“Very happy Anders tapped out because he can go back home and he can recover and we don’t see a broken arm.”

Facing a heavy-handed opponent like Anders, Muniz was quick to drag the fight to the floor where he immediately began displaying his grappling skills, advancing his position and looking for a variety of set ups for submissions.

While Anders escaped from the ground after an initial takedown, Muniz eventually dragged him back to the mat and he began advancing to latch onto the armbar.

Once Muniz had the arm extended, Anders tried to find a way to slip free but after it was clear that he was either going to tap out or risk serious injury, the former University of Alabama football standout called an end to the fight.

The win puts Anders at 4-0 in the UFC and now he’s looking to begin the climb up the middleweight ranks.

“I know Darren Till’s got a fight scheduled but hey if he wants to go, I’m up for it,” Muniz shouted afterwards.

Whether it’s Till or another ranked opponent it would appear that Muniz has earned a step up in competition considering the impressive run he’s made lately since joining the UFC roster in 2019.

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