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Triad Combat results: Matt Mitrione knocks down Alexander Flores, but loses unanimous decision

UFC and Bellator veteran Matt Mitrione started strong and faded late against boxing veteran Alexander Flores, losing a unanimous decision after knocking down his foe in the second round.

Final scores were 68-64, 67-65 and 68-64 for Flores, who put points on the board for boxers for the second time on Saturday at Triller Fight Club’s Triad Combat. Still, the score in the MMA vs. boxing event was 14-6 for MMA fighters after seven rounds of heavyweight action between Flores and Mitrione.

Mitrione started strong with a left hook and right uppercut in the second round, leaving Flores to make use of the 10-count. He made ample use of almost every technique available in the modified striking ruleset, and even one that turned out to be illegal. In the third, he argued mid-fight with referee Dan Miragliotta after trapping one of Flores’ arms behind his back. At the end of the round, he tried to catch Flores napping with a spinning backfist and wound up eating body shots.

The torso would be Flores’ target of choice as his opponent tried to clinch his way to victory. With little time to work in the tiny triangle ring, that was about all the veteran boxer had time to do with Mitrione unwilling to spend any time on neutral ground.

Eventually, Flores got tired of getting smothered and let Mitrione have it, using his superior timing and speed to tag his MMA opponent coming in. By the end of the fight, a combination sent Mitrione’s mouthpiece flying.

After a night of MMA fighters showing up their aged boxing counterparts in the triangle, Flores’ decision was a break from the trend.

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