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Teofimo Lopez vs. George Kambosos Jr. full fight video highlights

George Kambosos Jr. and Teofimo Lopez
George Kambosos Jr. upsets Teofimo Lopez on Saturday night in New York.

Watch Teofimo Lopez vs. George Kambosos Jr. full fight video highlights from their main event above, courtesy of DAZN.

Lopez vs. Kambosos Jr. took place Nov. 27 at the Hulu Theater in New York, New York. Teofimo Lopez (16-1) put his WBA, IBF and WBO lightweight belts on the line against George Kambosos Jr. (20-0), which aired live on DAZN. Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Lopez vs. Kambosos Jr., check out the live blog by Bad Left Hook.


The expected intense staredown and a shove at mid-ring. Teofimo storms out at Kambosos and man is he throwing heat immediately. Kambosos ties him up. Kambosos ties him up again. Lopez is absolutely throwing to knock him out fast. Good little counter left from George. Nice shot. But Teofimo still coming forward. Left hand from Lopez gets in. Kambosos is backing away and not being stupid here. He knows that an actual firefight with Lopez is not a good idea. He’s being patient and staying calm. Lopez is absolutely overaggressive. Lopez jabbing a bit now. Halfway into the round. Crowd is ROWDY.

Kambosos jabbing. He misses a big left hook. Right hand from Lopez, but Kambosos rolls with it. HARD counter shot from Lopez and Kambosos is holding again for a moment. Kambosos just did not see that coming and frankly nobody would have. Right hand from Lopez on the chin. And another. Kambosos taking them well and holding again. Another one. Respect to George eating these shots for sure. That’s a tough dude OH SHIT DOWN GOES LOPEZ ON A RIGHT HAND!!! Round ends!

Kambosos 10-8


Lopez calming down some a minute into this round. Kambosos is landing right hands, though. Lopez has to relax or he really might get shocked here. Kambosos is no joke, he can take a shot and he will take advantage if Lopez is going to make terrible mistakes. Body shots from Teofimo, much more measured approach. Right hand from Lopez. Clipping right from Kambosos. Kambosos barely misses a big right late in the round. He’s got real confidence right now; if it was at all an act coming in, it’s not now. But I think Lopez won this round.

Lopez 10-9, Kambosos 19-18


We’ve settled down into something of a normal boxing match now, which is still not bad and has plenty of tension. Kambosos landing right hands capably still. Lopez marching forward but kind of plodding to do it, honestly. Body shots from Kambosos. Another right over the top from Kambosos. Lopez has not found the distance with his jab and isn’t using it enough anyway. Good jab and left hook behind it from Kambosos. Both throw, nothing big landing and they tie up. Right uppercut from Kambosos. Right hand from Teo is slipped by George. God, Kambosos is fighting so well right now, and then Lopez lands a hard left that does shake Kambosos a bit, but he takes it well and comes back with a right hand. Lopez rocks him a bit with a right JUST before the bell, but it’s a Kambosos round.

Kambosos 10-9, 29-27


Lopez going southpaw to start this round. Then he switches back quickly. Kambosos jabbing and moving around, making Lopez chase him, and Lopez has not focused on cutting off the ring. Kambosos has definitely earned Lopez’s respect, at least to some degree, at least as an opponent who presents danger. Body shot from Kambosos. Jab from Kambosos. Another jab and left hook from Kambosos. He’s taking the fight to Teofimo now, Lopez is still coming forward but not finding the spots he wants, not pulling the trigger. Body shot from Kambosos, but he eats another sweeping right in counter from Lopez.

Teofimo is marching forward with no plan mostly. Kambosos is so much more relaxed. Kambosos with a good round that ends in a firefight, and Kambosos may have gotten the better of that, too.

Kambosos 10-9, 39-36


Kambosos check hooking, fighting smart, Teofimo just can’t get going consistently. Kambosos almost gets caught reaching with a right hand, but almost isn’t for real. Kambosos is still just fighting a very smart fight, he’s intense but controlled and not wasting energy. Lopez has wasted a lot of energy. Kambosos with another right hand.

Let’s not mince words: George Kambosos Jr is winning this fight.

Kambosos 10-9, 49-45


Lopez’s body language is not great. Kambosos staying patient, Lopez not doing enough. Kambosos with another right. Kambosos scoring little shots then lands a big one here and there. Lopez trying to do way too much on one shot, and I don’t know that he has “one shot” left, that was a LOT of wasted energy early in the fight that resulted in nothing but a 10-8 round he lost. 1-2 from Kambosos. More good shots from Kambosos. Lopez just a shot here, a shot there. George does have a cut near the right eye but he’s winning.

Kambosos 10-9, 59-54


Lopez jabbing more in the first minute of the round. It honestly might be a bit late for that. Kambosos with another 1-2. Lopez’s defense has been lousy tonight. Kambosos dictating the fight right now. He has been for rounds now. Lopez with jabs, misses the follow-up shots. He’s slow and looks tired. Uppercut from Kambosos. More good work from Kambosos late. Every round, he tries to “steal” it late. He’s not letting Teo try that himself.

Kambosos 10-9, 69-63


Kambosos still dictating. Lopez just can’t get a consistent rhythm in this fight. He’s tired, he’s gun shy a bit, he’s not cutting off the ring, he’s following and waiting, not active enough. Kambosos deserves to be ahead because he’s been better. Jabs from Kambosos. Right hand from Teofimo doesn’t quite get there yet again. Kambosos still moving so smoothly. Overhand right lands again. Teofimo’s hurt on that, not wobbling but clearly felt it. Lopez throwing late, and he caught Kambosos a bit, Kambosos SLIGHTLY stanky legged but swinging back and the round ends. That MIGHT be the moment Teofimo needed to wake back up.

Kambosos 10-9, 79-72


We might be headed for some drama here. Chris Algieri says Teofimo is “living his nightmare,” and it’s hard to argue. Lopez starting to press a bit more, but it’s still just in spots. He has to reserve some energy. Right hand from Lopez and Kambosos is hurt! Lopez pouring it on and Kambosos fires back! Lopez not going nuts here. He’s sizing it up. 20 seconds left in the round. Kambosos surviving right now, and no reason he shouldn’t be. It’s the smart thing. He’s well ahead, or should be. Chopping right from Teo. Another good shot from Teo late.

Lopez 10-9, Kambosos 88-82


DOWN GOES KAMBOSOS A MINUTE INTO THE ROUND ON A RIGHT HAND! Teofimo has time to finish! LEFT HOOK AND HE’S THROWING BOMBS! KAMBOSOS TRYING TO THROW BACK! ANOTHER BIG SHOT FROM LOPEZ! KAMBOSOS WOBBLING AROUND AND CAN’T GET OUT OF THE POCKET! He’s tying up now. Lopez talking now. Teofimo settles it back down with a minute left in the round, still plenty of time. Teofimo with right hands! Right hand again! Left hook! Kambosos trying to time him with shots, too, both bloodied and bruised up. Hell of a good fight. Teofimo rallying like a champ and Kambosos holding strong as he can like a warrior. Kambosos has his legs and is throwing shots now at the end of the round.

Lopez 10-8, Kambosos 96-92


You could very easily have this 94-94 right now. Fight’s on the line!

Kambosos looking to get some respect back earlier, slaps Teofimo with a couple hooks. The Lopez fans are back in it big now. Right hand from Lopez, then a left hook gets in with Kambosos leaning back. Right hand from Kambosos as he suddenly steps forward! Lopez flurrying back with a few shots, nothing clean. Lopez has a big gash over his left eye. Kambosos controlling this round so far, ate some shots but this has been his round, what a stand he’s making here. Lopez being lulled again, not throwing punches. Kambosos taking advantage. They’re taking time to look at Lopez’s cut. We’ll go on.

Right hand again from Kambosos, just clips Lopez, but that cut has seemingly changed Lopez again, and I don’t think he has time to change or have a bad round. Right hand Kambosos! He’s got the energy back!

Kambosos 10-9, 106-101


Kambosos still sharp with his punches, he’s not looking to cruise, and he shouldn’t be. I think he’s clearly up, but you never know. Lopez just can’t get untracked again in this round. He does throw a right with about a minute left but Kambosos rolls with it and comes back with a better shot. Lopez lunging, nothing comes of it. Kambosos wins this round. Kambosos won this fight. Anything other than that is an absolute travesty and a crime.

Kambosos 10-9, 116-110

Official Decision: George Kambosos Jr. defeated Teofimo Lopez via split decision (115-111, 113-114, 115-112)

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