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Triad Combat results: Mike Perry survives knockdown, wins split decision over Michael Seals

Former UFC welterweight Mike Perry survived a knockdown in the fourth round of his Triad Combat debut and surged back in later rounds to take a split decision over veteran boxer Michael Seals.

The scores were 67-65 twice in favor of Perry with one judge dissenting for Seals via the same tally. Perry’s win upped the score to 14-3 in favor of the MMA fighters led by former UFC champ Quinton Jackson over boxers lead by ex-boxing champ Shannon Briggs.

Perry’s aggression backfired at several points during the seven-round bout, contested in the boxing light heavyweight division of 178 pounds, when he came in swinging and got caught in close by the short, sharp counters of Seals, who carried a boxing record of 25-3 into the bout. A left hook sent Perry to the canvas in the fourth round, and an uppercut in the sixth snapped his head back.

Perry, though, took ample advantage of the clinching allowed by Triad’s ruleset, hanging on Seals and bullying him before unloading with flurries of punches. He also brought a superior gas tank to the fight, which allowed him to unload during an all-out firefight in the final seconds of the bout.

Perry looked surprised when the two judges announced his name as the winner, but his surprise quickly turned to joy after his departure from the UFC earlier this year set up a new chapter of his combat sports career in Triller.

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