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‘Rampage’ Jackson, Shannon Briggs have to be separated after fight nearly breaks out during Triad Combat weigh-ins

The Triad Combat event from Triller Fight Club nearly got started 24 hours early after a heated weigh-in between former Bellator fighter Derek Campos and his opponent Brian Vera.

The altercation happened after Vera hit the scale and he was immediately jawing at Campos, who had already weighed in for the fight.

Vera charged off the scale and got directly in Campos’ face, which led to Shannon Briggs getting in between the fighters to ensure they didn’t get too physical. Briggs is coaching the boxers competing on Saturday night while former UFC champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is handling duties for the mixed martial artists at Triad Combat.

Just before they broke apart, Vera shoved Campos while still shouting at him as Briggs and Jackson both tried to keep the fighters separated. Campos then took a swipe at Vera as tensions nearly boiled over into a full on brawl on the stage.

That’s when Jackson and Briggs started pushing and shoving each other after they were attempting to diffuse the situation between the two fighters competing on Saturday night. After Briggs put his hands on Jackson, the UFC and Bellator veteran broke away and shoved back as they started shouting at each other as security got between them to intervene.

Following the conclusion of the weigh-ins where ex-UFC champion Frank Mir hit the scale for his showdown against Kubrat Pulev, the coaches were then interviewed, which led to a possible fight being booked between Jackson and Briggs.

“Clean sweep,” Jackson said when speaking about the MMA fighters. “We gonna win every single one. Those boxers gonna give up. They don’t know what’s coming. You’re all about to see a lot of boxers quit and complain.”

In response, Briggs predicted knockout wins for all of the boxers before then turning his back attention to Jackson.

“Easy, clean sweep, we knocking them off, all of them,” Briggs shouted. “We’re strikers. Tomorrow night, they’re gonna learn don’t you ever throw a punch as long as you live and then you’re next. Sign the contract right now and I’ll fight you in MMA. He’s easy to beat.”

Jackson could only smile at the suggestion of the MMA fight with Briggs.

“He’s selling wolf tickets,” Jackson said to Briggs. “You know it.”

While Jackson and Briggs may meet somewhere down the road, on Saturday night they’ll be serving only as coaches as boxers square off with MMA fighters under a unique skill set as part of the debut event for Triad Combat by Triller Fight Club.

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