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Morning Report: Colby Covington wants to ‘revive’ The Ultimate Fighter, fight Jorge Masvidal for his ‘whack ass BMF belt’

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Earlier this month, Colby Covington came up short for a second time against welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, losing a unanimous decision in the main event of UFC 268. Covington, of course, disputed the loss but the fact remains that Covington’s road back to a title shot is pretty murky at the moment. Fortunately for Covington, he has plenty of other potential fights to occupy his time and it hasn’t taken “Chaos” long to set his sights on his next endeavor: his former friend turned bitter rival, Jorge Masvidal.

Next month, Masvidal was scheduled to face Leon Edwards in a featured welterweight contest at UFC 269; however, two weeks ago, Masvidal was forced to withdraw from the bout due to an undisclosed injury. As a result, Edwards is now targeting a title fight against Usman and as such, Covington believes the time is finally right for he and Masvidal to settle the score, and to do so in the most marketable way possible: by coaching The Ultimate Fighter.

“That guy doesn’t want to fight me,” Covington told Submission Radio. “He’s going to lose all the street cred one way or another. If he fights me, he loses it. If he doesn’t fight me, he loses it even worse. I know that guy doesn’t want to fight me. He’s trying to duck me at every corner, every step. So, what can I say? What can I do? I just want to put on good performances for the UFC. He’ll be backed into a corner, he’ll need to take this fight. It makes sense on The Ultimate Fighter. Let’s revive that show. That show has been so boring, stale. There’s no entertainment value on that show anymore. So, let’s bring it back, man.”

This is not the first time the idea has been brought up. When the UFC was first looking to revive The Ultimate Fighter earlier this year, it was rumored that they wanted Covington and Masvidal to serve as coaches. Ultimately, that distinction went to Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega, but with Masvidal and Covington now in welterweight purgatory, having them spearhead the show would make a lot of sense.

There is one problem though: Masvidal isn’t particularly keen on doing another reality television show unless he is well paid, telling The MMA Hour, “I will have to have a nice, handsome reward if I’m doing sh*t like that.” For his part, Masvidal is still hoping to reschedule his grudge match with Edwards before committing to a bout with Covington, something Covington finds ridiculous. According to Covington, he and Masvidal need to settle up now and, given the enormity of the feud, Covington says that Masvidal needs to put his ‘BMF’ title on the line as well.

“This is the fight that has to happen after he keeps running his mouth,” Covington said. “I’m a coward? I’m fragile? I’m this and I’m that? No, you’re the b*tch. You’re the fragile, brittle little b*tch. I’m the king of Miami. Everybody knows that I run these streets here and the 305 is mine. I occupy this whole territory. No one can say any different. And he knows that. So, show up or just shut your f*cking mouth b*tch, and let real men do f*cking work. Because I’m still gonna be here. Put that f*cking whack ass BMF belt back on the f*cking line. Everybody knows who real baddest motherf*cker in the sport is. It’s Colby Chaos Covington. Bring that f*cking belt out and let’s f*cking do this shit. Do the Ultimate Fighter and whatever, tape for four weeks, six weeks, eight weeks, and run this fight in Miami.”

Ultimately, Covington may get his wish. Though Masvidal wants the fight with Edwards, Edwards has made it clear he is now focused on getting his welterweight title shot against Usman. Given that, and the copious amounts of trash talk that both Covington and Masvidal have lobbed at one another over the years, Covington vs. Masvidal makes the most promotional sense. And should it come to pass, Covington has some words of warning for his former “best friend.”

“I just want to get locked in a cage with this clown,” Covington said. “I just want to be locked in a cage with Jorge ‘Street Judas’ Mavidal more than I want anything in the world. That dude needs to pay for all the things he said about me. I mean, oh my god dude. But if he doesn’t show up, then that’s okay too. He loses all that street cred, he loses all the respect in the fighting community. He’s not a real fighter, that guy’s a fragile little b*tch and he’s a clown, he’s a fake. He’s a Judas. He turned his back on me for no reason. He started talking sh*t about me for no reason. This is all his fault and he’s going to pay. He’s going to have to pay by losing his consciousness and losing his health, man. I’m definitely taking at least five years off his life. I promise you that. You’re going to see a savage come out that you never seen. This beef is more personal and more hatred than I’ve ever had for anything in my entire life. I want to crush this guy’s soul. I want to f*cking eat it, rip his heart out, f*cking grill it on my house, you know, put it on the barbecue.”


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