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Terence Crawford vs. Shawn Porter full fight video highlights

Watch Terence Crawford vs. Shawn Porter full fight video highlights from their main event above, courtesy of multiple sources.

Crawford vs. Porter took place Nov. 20 at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, Nev. WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford (38-0) put his belt on the line against Shawn Porter (31-41-1), which aired live on ESPN+ pay-per-view. Catch more video highlights below.

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Porter comes out with a right hook right out the gates and tries to follow it up with a couple of jabs. Lead jab and right hand fall short for Porter. Crawford parries two jabs from Porter as he takes his measure. Combination from Porter gets smothered by a clinch. Crawford misses on a jab. Porter comes forward on Crawford but making sure he feints his way in as opposed to recklessly charging in. Crawford misses on two jabs, Porter misses on a hook. Left hand partially lands for Porter once Crawford touches the ropes. Both fighters trade jabs. Jab lands to the body for Porter. Lead hook from Porter doesn’t land clean.

Porter 10-9.


Crawford takes center ring to start this round and looks to establish his jab but Porter starts pressing and gets tangled up with Crawford towards the ropes. Jab to the body falls short for Porter. Jab lands for Porter to the body this time. Porter feints a couple times, comes in and ducks a counter hook from Crawford. Jab from Crawford makes partial contact now that Crawford turns southpaw. Clean right hand lands upstairs for Porter, the best punch of the fight so far. RIght and left hand from Porter makes contact upstairs. Right hook from Crawford makes partial contact. Bother fighters trade and Porter lands a shot, Crawford gets one back! Both fighters exchanging now. Porter slips a jab from Crawford. Counter uppercut for Crawford to end the round but I think Porter still edged the round.

Porter, 10-9, 20-18.


Crawford’s trainer asks him not to get into a firefight with Porter. Check hook from Crawford makes partial contact as Porter comes in. Porter touches the body with a left hand. Crawford sticking to the southpaw stance for now and step towards Porter. Porter scores while Crawford tries to time a big counter that misses. Both fighters hesitant for about a 30 second stretch and the growd gets anxios. Combination comes prom Porter and scores well on Crawford, who grins. Crawford looks like he’s done with boxing and wants to brawl. Porter is cut on his right eye from what might’ve been a head clash. Crawford pushes Porter to the canvas. I still think Porter’s getting the best of the action so far.

Porter 10-9, 30-27.


Crawford comes out looking like he wants to mix it up more here as he lands a right hand. Both fighters trade at center ring and make grazing contact. Left lands for Porter upstairs. Hard body shot lands for Crawford to the body, then a right hand over the top. Left hand lands for Crawford in between two shots for Porter. Check hook from Crawford just misses. Right hand lead lands for Porter as Crawford bounces into the ropes. Double jab comes from Porter this time. Jab lands for Porter again. Check hook lands for Crawford sending Porter into the corner. Crawford partially lands a shot just before the bell.

Crawford 10-9, 37-39.


Crawford double jabs but doesn’t land, but then lands a counter to Porter’s counter. Crawford pokes the jab but can’t fight the range, but then times a left hand that meets Porter coming in. Now Porter mauls Crawford on the inside during a clinch. Right to the body lands for Porter. Porter comes forward with a series of shots as Crawford covers up at center ring, smiling. Crawford literally pushes Porter back without a warning from the referee. Porter getting into more rough and tumble action with Crawford here which is what we’ve used to seeing from him. Crawford attacks but mostly misses. I think Porter got the better in that round.

Porter 10-9, 49-46.


Crawford’s trainer warns him not to allow Porter to get off combinations while he just covers up. Both fighters trade and land to start the round. Left hook lands for Crawford. Hard right hook lands to the body for Crawford now. Crawford attacking more here and now Porter charges back but gets tangled with Crawford along the ropes. Crawford goes to the body with a left hand. Clean left hand from Crawford lands on Porter. Porter tries a big right hook that doesn’t land. Another head clash and this time Crawford is cut above his brow. Two punches from Crawford miss. Crawford lands a combination on Porter coming forward. Porter presses through and wants to dig it out on the inside. Chopping left lands for Porter on the inside.

Crawford 10-9, 56-58.


Porter presses forward to start the round and lands a clean jab up top. Check hook makes contact for Crawford. Porter gets in and wants to work his free hand until the referee breaks it. Porter lands a good right hook that his trainer was asking for. Jab lands clean for Crawford this time. Both fighters trade and Porter gets off more punches on the inside as Crawford tries to tie up. Crawford lands a body shot with his left hand to end the round.

Crawford 10-9, 66-67.


Left hand lead misses for Crawford. Clean right hand lands for Crawford who now wants to dig to the body. Crawford lands a few clean shots to the head during an exchange. Crawford lands a jab. Another awkward collision from the fighters who clash heads again. Right hook lands well for Porter, then another! Porter loops another right hook upstairs. Now Porter lands a clean jab upstairs. Close round that I’m going to slightly edge to Crawford.

Crawford 10-9, 76-76.


Porter comes out looking to get a little more aggressive but Crawford beats him to the punch by getting off first. Left hook misses for Crawford. Double jab from Crawford falls short. Porter leaps in with a hook that doesn’t land. Right hook from Porter just barely misses. Now Porter touches the body with his right hand. Jab lands for Porter up top. Porter comes forward and Crawford tries to meet him with punches. Counter uppercut from Crawford make partial contact. Crawford lands a body shot to end the round.

Crawford 10-9, 86-85.


Crawford doesn’t land clean with a jab but is pressing forward and lands a big counter that puts Porter down! Porter gets up and is ready to continue. Check hook lands for Crawford who wants to press the advantage. Porter ducks a big hook from Crawford. Combination from Crawford puts Porter down again! Porter gets up and says he wants to continue but Kenny Porter throws in the towel!

Crawford TKO-10.

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