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Nevada Athletic Commission executive director Bob Bennett retiring, Jeff Mullen recommended to take over

Bob Bennett Showtime

There will be a new executive director overseeing the Nevada Athletic Commission in the near future after Bob Bennett announced plans to retire on Wednesday.

In his place, chief assistant Jeff Mullen was recommended as a replacement to take over as executive director, pending approval from Governor Steve Sisolak. The commission voted unanimously to approve Mullen for the position during a monthly meeting held in Las Vegas.

Bennett retires after taking over as executive director from Keith Kizer back in 2014.

Prior to his role within the commission, Bennett served as a boxing judge after previously working with the FBI while also overseeing security at the Eighth Judicial District Court in Nevada.

As for Mullen, he is expected to take over as executive director after a long history spent in combat sports including his prior role as the first ever executive director over the Tennessee Athletic Commission.

Mullen has deep ties to mixed martial arts after he first discovered the sport and began working as a judge for the UFC in the early days when the company was still owned by SEG.

Mullen, who actually fought professionally as a kickboxer, also owned his own martial arts academy where he previously worked with athletes such as Quinton “Rampage” Jackson as well as Alan Belcher.

Now he will oversee arguably the most powerful commission in combat sports as Mullen is expected to serve as executive director in Nevada where he will be directly responsible for a number of tasks including referee and judging assignments for all combat sports in the state including boxing and MMA.

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