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Cortney Casey blasts Liana Jojua over weight miss: ‘She was Thanksgiving dinner big’

Cortney Casey was happy to get the win, but not so much with her opponent missing weight.

Following a unanimous decision win over Liana Jojua at UFC Vegas 42 on Saturday, Casey spoke to the media and she agreed with the suggestion that Jojua coming in almost three pounds over the flyweight limit was a tactical maneuver on her opponent’s part.

“I think so,” Casey said. “I think 100 percent it was a conscious decision. We had offered a catchweight at the beginning of the week and they turned it down. So we made the weight at 125 kind of knowing that she was gonna still miss weight and come close to that 130 pounds and with the clothes on she was 129. They had her take the clothes off so that the fight could happen because I think there’s like a three-pound limit.

“But I definitely think it was a conscious decision on their end to make sure that I had to cut the weight and suffer and she still came in heavy, heavy for fight day so it sucks but that’s the game you play and we get put in positions where we gotta take fights like that. I’m happy I did because I came out with the victory but sometimes it doesn’t go in your favor when you take those fights. I’m happy it did this afternoon.”

Cortney also referred to Jojua as being, “Thanksgiving dinner big.”

Watch Casey’s full post-fight scrum above.

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