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Video: Michael Chandler gets his face put back together with 22 stitches following war with Justin Gaethje

Michael Chandler was all smiles when he shared a photo with opponent Justin Gaethje after they were transported to the hospital together following their war at UFC 268 but that’s only after doctors worked to put his face back together when he first arrived.

In a new video posted by TMZ, Chandler received a whopping 22 stitches across his face after he exchanged bombs with Gaethje over 15 minutes in a battle that received Fight of the Night honors.

Chandler absorbed 116 significant strikes during the fight that saw him get into some of the wildest exchanges in recent memory as he went punch for punch with Gaethje over three rounds.

As soon as the fight was over, UFC President Dana White insisted that both Chandler and Gaethje take a trip to a local hospital for precautionary reasons.

From the footage shown, it’s clear that Chandler had to get a lot of work done as he is shown receiving stitches over his eyebrow as well as inside his lip from the damage absorbed from his fight with Gaethje.

“Mutual respect for a fight fought hard with a competitor you knew would bring the best out of you,” Chandler said about Gaethje in a post-fight statement.

“Moments like UFC 268 are ones you wish you could bottle up and serve to yourself a little bit each day for the rest of your life. What a battle. What an event. What an opponent.”

In subsequent posts on social media, Chandler appeared to be in good spirits with no major injuries suffered in the fight with Gaethje.

He’s also already hinted as his return in 2022 with interest in facing off against former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor in his next fight.

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