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Britain Hart questions dedication of fighters on OnlyFans ahead of BKFC 22 bout with Pearl Gonzalez

Britain Hart will face another former UFC fighter this Friday in the bare-knuckle ring in a bout she set up with her post-fight comments following a win over Jenny Savage.

Hart fights Pearl Gonzalez in a main card bout at BKFC 22, which takes place in Miami, Fla. Hart has had a breakout year, which began with a win over Paige VanZant in the main event of BKFC: KnuckleMania. VanZant went on to lose her second promotional bout to Rachael Ostovich at BKFC 19 and it seems like a return to the promotion could be up in the air.

In Hart’s eyes, she would like to see her former opponent cross the proverbial contractual finish line.

“I would think it would be smart of her, internally, to know she didn’t quit and finish out her contract,” Hart told MMA Fighting on Wednesday. “But, whatever, kudos to her, she’s doing her thing. She’s finding her niche in wrestling and if they like her there, and she’s happy there, be happy. Don’t worry about what other people think of you.

“I, personally, think she should finish it out until the end. She has one more fight left on her contract, finish it out. She’s a good fighter, there’s definitely levels to this [bare-knuckle] game, and I think she should go out with a bang and say, ‘Hey, I’ll finish it, but I get to choose my opponent.’ I’d like to see that. I’d like to see it one more time. The company invested so much in her, her face his plastered everywhere when it comes to BKFC. It would be nice for her to have at least one win.”

After she stopped Savage at BKFC 19, Hart spoke with MMA Fighting and was asked about her future, and if a fight with Gonzalez would interest her. Hart seemed thrilled with the suggestion, even declaring Gonzalez an “easy fight.”

While Hart is glad she got Gonzalez’s attention, she wants to clarify the perceived slight.

“That had to be addressed pretty quickly,” Hart said. “I said Pearl would be an easy fight for me — which I’m definitely not taking that back — but as far as her saying she’s scared of me, that’s a little bit farfetched. She’s a good fighter. She’s been in the fight game, has a lot of experience, but then again, been there, done that. Paige was that, too.”

Gonzalez made her BKFC debut in June, defeating Charisa Sigala via unanimous decision at BKFC 18. The former UFC and Invicta FC fighter has not only found success in the combat sports world, but outside of the sport as well.

It’s that success that has Hart questioning her opponent’s dedication to the craft.

“To me, it seems like these fighters that have talent, realize it, they get exposed, and then they go to OnlyFans and they’re like, ‘Yay, you notice me as a fighter but let me go ahead and use my fight money to get fake tits, or get a fake ass, or to get a fake nose,’” Hart explained. “So what’s really your priority? What you look like, or being a fighter? To me, she kind of falls into one of those categories. She’s not somebody to me that I feel is gonna be 100 percent dedicated to the fight game, and it’s kind of sad.

“There’s a lot of people, even friends that I have, they get hooked on this OnlyFans thing and what do they do? They spend hours and hours in front of the camera, talk to the fans and do whatever they f*cking do on there to make money. I’m not knocking it, but, again, this is fighting we’re talking about and to be the best, it’s one of those things where you have to eat, breathe and sleep it, and it’s very hard to do.

“Even when I have 30,000 followers, I’m still not out there creating an OnlyFans, or an exclusive site, and wearing lingerie in every pic that I post, because I’m really in the gym training, and I really respect myself, and I really need to focus on being a wife, a mother, and a f*cking damn good fighter.”

After knocking off VanZant in her promotional debut, Hart believes the matchmakers have made a mistake in booking this matchup. While Hart respects Gonzalez’s boxing skills and her resume as a fighter, she feels she’ll introduce Gonzalez to something she isn’t ready for.

“They absolutely are [making a mistake],” Hart stated. “The only thing I can say is — and respect towards her, and I don’t like to look at other people’s sh*t because I don’t have time — but if you tag me in stuff I’m going to see it. I saw something where she said she was going against the most experienced [and] No. 1 contender at BKFC. Well, thank you, yes I am.

“But, yeah, I do think it’s a mistake, but I like that she’s acknowledging it. I do appreciate that. She has fighting experience, she’s 1-0 in bare-knuckle, but I think it’s easy to go in there and have your first win as safe as she played it, not seeing what really is bare-knuckle up close. She worked her boxing, fought a way shorter opponent: this is gonna be a lot different.”

Most importantly, Hart hopes that another BKFC win continues to add to her growing reputation, regardless of what she thinks of her competition.

“I’m no sweetheart and I’m no Charisa Sigala, so I think it was a bad mistake, but I appreciate the competition, but I am the most experienced,” Hart said. “This will be my sixth fight, so these pro debut [fighters], it doesn’t logically make sense to give them to me. It’s not gonna be fair. But what am I gonna do, sit around and be shelved? I can’t put any focus on this is gonna be another big name, this is gonna be another UFC [fighter], this girl’s a WBC [title] holder. When you come into this sport, I have to be prepared for the top competition and a high level because I’m above that. When I beat them, I’m not gonna get the respect I deserve. Even with the Paige fight, and maybe I shouldn’t have talked so much sh*t, because now that she lost to Rachael Ostovich, everyone’s discrediting my win.

“They’re saying, ‘Paige sucks, she’s 0-2, you beat someone who is 0-2.’ Nah, not really. She’s a UFC veteran, fighting experience, and the thing people need to look at is money. When these athletes and fighters have enough money to get boob jobs, have no jobs and have OnlyFan sites, they have money to train, to get massages, to have physical therapy, cryo, you name it. But what is that stuff? It’s expensive, and I have just reached the point in my life where I don’t have to work two jobs. I don’t have to eat cereal for dinner, I just got to that point in my life. When I say I’m a threat, I was a threat when I was sleeping in my car. Imagine what I am now.”

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