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Video: Lorenzo Hunt steals Hector Lombard’s belt, melee nearly ensues in wild scene at BKFC 22 presser

It’s safe to say there’s no love lost between BKFC 22 headliners Hector Lombard and Lorezno Hunt.

A near-melee ensued between the two competitors Wednesday afternoon at a pre-fight press conference in Miami after Hunt stormed up to the UFC veteran and snatched Lombard’s BKFC cruiserweight title. The act ignited a scene that resulted in the press conference dais being flipped upside-down and Hunt escorted out of the building.

The entire altercation between Lombard and Hunt can be watched below (starting at 12:55).

Hunt was fined an undisclosed amount for his actions, BKFC officials told MMA Fighting’s Damon Martin.

Lombard and Hunt have a history dating back to June, when the latter invaded the ring at BKFC 18 and confronted the former just seconds after Lombard captured his BKFC cruiserweight title with a win over Joe Riggs.

As soon as Hunt approached Lombard, the former Bellator champion blasted Hunt with a two-punch combination in a raucous scene while Riggs and arena security worked to separate the two fighters, a replay of which can be watched below.

For as ill-advised as Hunt’s confrontation in June may have been, it certainly worked — the 39-year-old was booked soon after to be Lombard’s first challenger for the BKFC belt.

And if Wednesday’s press conference was any indication, the bad blood between Lombard and Hunt hasn’t cooled in the slightest heading into Friday’s BKFC 22 event in Miami.

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