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Tommy Fury predicts Tyson Fury to destroy in trilogy fight: ‘There’s nothing that Deontay Wilder can do’

Tommy Fury is calling his shot when it comes to Saturday’s boxing trilogy match between his half-brother, two-time world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, and Deontay Wilder.

“Ever since the fight got announced, Round 5 has been [staying] in my mind,” Fury predicted Wednesday on The MMA Hour. “That’s what I’m going with. I just think there’s nothing that Deontay Wilder can do.

“You’ve seen all this new footage of [Wilder] coming out on the pads, doing all the things. It’s alright, but if you’ve never done that in a fight before and you go into a new fight and you’ve got a man punching you hard in the face, you’re going to revert back to what you’ve always done. And I do believe Deontay Wilder will revert back to what he did in the second fight and it’ll be over very quick.”

The younger Fury has been in Las Vegas throughout fight week to support his half-brother for a trilogy match nearly two years in the making.

Tyson Fury and Wilder have fought twice before. Their first match in December 2018 ended in a split draw after Wilder knocked Tyson Fury to the canvas in Round 12 only for Fury to rise and beat the referee’s 10-count in a dramatic scene. Their highly-anticipated rematch in February 2020 ended in a much more decisive fashion, with Fury defeating Wilder in a rout and knocking the American down twice before Wilder’s corner threw in the towel midway through the seventh round.

Wilder has accused Fury of cheating in the rematch ahead of their third fight — accusations that Fury reveled in Monday during an appearance on The MMA Hour. And according to Tommy Fury, his half-brother’s good mood in Monday’s interview was only the tip of the spear when it comes to Tyson Fury’s demeanor heading into Saturday night.

“He’s in the best place I’ve ever seen him mentally, because like he said he’s been through the hard times, he’s been through the good times, and now he’s 100 percent in the correct place mentally, physically, emotionally, everything,” Fury said.

“He’s trained super hard for this, he’s had all the right sparring. He’s never stopped training. Me and Tyson were in Miami I think in June, we were training flat-out twice a day every single day there. Tyson doesn’t stop training because it’s just not about boxing. It’s about for his mentalness. If he stops training, he gets bored and gets lonely and gets down, so he has to train every day. So Tyson’s always in shape.

“As far as this fight goes, you’re going to see the best Tyson Fury ever in this fight, because he had six weeks to work with [boxing trainer] SugarHill [Steward] for the last fight,” Fury continued. “Six weeks, and that was about 20 months ago, so he’s had more time now to work with SugarHill to perfect that style, and we watched a comparison video the other day of Tyson in the second [Wilder fight] and Tyson now — and I wouldn’t like to be Deontay Wilder in that ring this Saturday night, I’ll tell you that.”

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