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Randy Brown criticizes Jared Gooden for sizable weight miss: ‘Gotta start hitting these dudes for 50 percent’

Randy Brown and Jared Gooden
Zuffa LLC

Randy Brown is going through with a catchweight bout on Saturday, but he’s not thrilled about the circumstances.

At Friday’s official weigh-ins for UFC Vegas 39, Brown’s opponent Jared Gooden weighed in at 174 pounds, three pounds over the welterweight limit (including a one-pound allowance for non-title bouts). Per the Nevada Athletic Commission, Gooden will be penalized 20 percent of his purse, which will go to Brown, who successfully weighed in at 170.5 pounds.

Given the amount that Gooden missed by, Brown believes that there should be a stiffer penalty especially considering Gooden’s salary relative to more tenured UFC fighters.

“Dude misses weight by 4 1/2 pounds lol,” Brown wrote on Twitter. “OK, I get 20 percent from purse, but the issue is homie only got three fights in the UFC. He’s prob making like 15 grand.

“So I get 20 percent of that in exchange for a weight advantage smh. Gotta start hitting these dudes for, like, 50 percent.”

All three of Gooden’s UFC fights have taken place in Las Vegas, where the NAC does not officially disclose fighter payouts.

UFC welterweight Michael Chiesa responded to Brown’s tweet and agreed that there should be greater penalties for fighters who miss weight.

“Either raise the penalty percentage and/or make the fighter that missed weight start with an automatic point deduction in Round 1,” Chiesa suggested.

This is not the first time a UFC fighter has called for a change in how much fighters are penalized for missing weight. Following his win over Paulo Costa at UFC 253 last October, middleweight champion Israel Adesanya said fighters who come in heavy should be penalized 90 percent of their purses. Adesanya’s comments were motivated by teammate Shane Young fighting and losing to Ludovit Klein earlier on the card after Klein missed the featherweight limit by four pounds.

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