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‘Worst job of officiating at a UFC event ever:’ Pros react to shocking refereeing negligence at UFC 267

Elizeu Zaleski and Benoit Saint-Denis went to war at UFC 267, but it was the inaction of the referee overseeing their bout that had everyone talking.

Referee Vyacheslav Kiselev was lambasted on social media after allowing Saint-Denis to take an inordinate amount of punishment in his preliminary welterweight bout against Zaleski on Saturday. Zaleski landed numerous unanswered shots in the second round and though Saint-Denis exhibited extraordinary toughness, commentators Jon Anik, Daniel Cormier, and Paul Felder were all heard on the broadcast shouting for the bout to be stopped.

On Twitter, fighters, officials, and fans all questioned Kiselev’s competency, including veteran referee John McCarthy who called it, “the worst job of officiating at an UFC event ever.” Kiselev also came under fire for an incident later in the fight when Saint-Denis appeared to be complaining that he could not see after receiving an eye poke and the referee did not call for the ringside physician to examine him.

Before the next fight, it was announced on the broadcast that Kiselev would be relieved of his duties for the remainder of the night. He was to officiate one more fight.

See how the pros reacted to the controversial fight below:

Watch more footage of the fight here:

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