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Jake Paul fires back at Dana White after recent criticism: ‘Dana White loves promoting my fights for free’

Jake Paul v Tyron Woodley - Weigh In Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Jake Paul isn’t backing down from his comments about Claressa Shields, and he definitely doesn’t mind responding to Dana White’s criticism about his own career.

In the aftermath of Shields’ recent loss in her second mixed martial arts fight, Paul gloated that she had been “exposed” while touting Amanda Serrano, who his promotion company represents, as the true greatest women’s boxer of all time. Shields happily responded but then the UFC president got involved while saying the two-time Olympic gold medalist is “nothing but a winner.”

That’s where Paul picked up in his response to White.

“Claressa Shields loses MMA bout, that’s her,” Paul said while pointing to the result from Shields’ last fight against Abigail Montes. “Maybe this is why Dana loves Conor [McGregor] so much cause he loses. I think he’s confused.”

Paul then took aim at White’s criticism about his boxing career where the YouTuber has built a 4-0 record with three knockouts including wins over former UFC fighters Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.

White has often blasted Paul for his choice in opponents where he’s taken high profile fights but without facing anybody with prior boxing experience in the past.

“When are you gonna start fighting somebody your own f*cking age, your own weight, that actually fights in your own f*cking sport that you’re claiming you’re in?” White said about Paul. “Shut the f*ck up, you goofball.”

Of course, Paul took full advantage with the timing of White’s comments because he just announced his next fight on Dec. 18.

“Right now, daddy Dana. Look at that, I just announced it today,” Paul said while touting his upcoming fight against Tommy Fury. “Thank you for being part of the announcement and we’re basically the same age, the same height, same reach and the same weight! He’s 7-0 undefeated. I’m 4-0 undefeated and his brother’s the heavyweight champion of the world.

“If that’s not a real boxer, I don’t know what is. I’m doing it, Dana!”

In his initial post on social media, Paul made sure to show his appreciation for White never missing the chance to take a shot at him while coincidentally helping to bring attention to one of his upcoming fights.

“Dana White loves promoting my fights for free,” Paul wrote. “Thank you.”

The history between Paul and White goes back quite some ways so this is just the latest verbal sparring session between the fighter and the promoter.

With Paul now scheduled to fight again in December, it’s likely he’ll engage in a few more of these altercations because White’s disdain for him usually results in a similar back-and-forth war of words.

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