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Video: Fighter gets clobbered by head kick in just 5 seconds after faking glove touch

A little more respect for the unwritten rules of MMA could have saved one fighter a major headache.

At a recent British Fighting Championship event in Middlesbrough, England, debuting featherweight Ben Doster made the mistake of firing off a hard leg kick right off of the glove touch, typically a no-no inside the cage. Seconds later, his opponent Umakhan Ibragimov answered with a kick of his own.

Watch the incredible knockout strike above.

While his opponent went low, Ibragimov took the high road so to speak, launching his shin right at Doster’s head and connecting so cleanly that Doster immediately slumped over and collapsed to the mat unconscious. If Ibragimov was bothered at all by Doster’s sneaky tactic, it wasn’t evident as he appeared to easily restrain himself from throwing any unnecessary follow-up strikes.

Each man only managed one strike in the five-second contest and it’s safe to say that Ibragimov’s was a tad more effective.

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