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DWCS video: Javid Basharat slices up, submits Oron Kahlon in third round

Dana White’s Contender Series - Kahlon v Basharat Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

There were moments were it looked like Javid Basharat was very much enjoying taking his opponent Oron Kahlon into deep waters. But after two rounds of domination, he “took out the trash” and finished the man who missed weight and then called him a terrorist at weigh-ins for DWCS Season 5: Week 9.

Basharat sliced open Kahlon in the first round with a series of brutal elbows and then cinched a guillotine choke at the 4:12 mark of the third round.

Check out the finish below.

Basharat spoke to Kahlon throughout much of the fight, and while they weren’t on a hot mic, it was clear he was giving some verbal retribution to go along with the physical kind.

After the first round, an easy 10-8, Kahlon offered very little resistance and looked out of step. A slip in the third round was a huge opportunity, but Basharat won the scramble and got to the back.

When the fight-ending choke came in the final minute, it was a merciful end for Kahlon, who also missed weight along with insulting Basharat.

“I give him respect as a sportsman, but as a human, what trash behavior,” said Basharat afterward. “When you’re that unapologetic, you deserve a fist in your mouth.”

Basharat told UFC commentator Laura Sanko he told UFC President Dana White he “took out the trash” and demanded a UFC contract, and was hard to see that request turned down.

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