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Video: Kwangtung Realfighter stuns towering Alex MacGregor with body shot knockout at Lion Fight 71

In a seeming physical mismatch, it was the smaller fighter who triumphed at Lion Fight 71.

Kwangtung Realfighter capped off an incredible comeback against Alex MacGregor on Saturday with a wicked body shot knockout that crumpled the considerably taller fighter in the fourth round and earned Kwangtung a European middleweight title.

Watch the finish above.

Giving up nine inches of height to MacGregor, Kwangtung struggled to close the distance in the first two rounds and was actually in danger of being stopped himself in Round 3 as MacGregor poured on the strikes and gave Kwangtung zero room to breathe.

However, the Thai fighter (who now fights out of Sweden) turned things around in a flash, dropping MacGregor with a right hand to the jaw to steal the round and set up a dramatic fourth frame. Kwangtung didn’t let up in Round 4 and he put MacGregor away with a left hook that caused MacGregor to immediately crumble to the mat in agony.

With the win, Kwangtung is now the Lion Fight European middleweight champion.

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