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Conor McGregor makes dark prediction for potential Tony Ferguson fight in deleted tweet: ‘I’m gonna end your life’

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor EL
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Conor McGregor, once again, went to some dark places with a slew of tweets on Friday.

Tony Ferguson called McGregor out on Twitter earlier this week — although it now seems like things may be shifting towards a potential bout with Nate Diaz — and then shifted things towards accusing the former two-division champion of taking performance-enhancing drugs, along with digging at McGregor’s alleged recent troubles stemming from Italian DJ and musician Francesco Facchinetti accusing McGregor of punching him in the face.

McGregor responded to the former interim lightweight champion with a pair of since deleted tweets, the first of which targeted Ferguson’s wife filing for — which was dropped a month latera temporary restraining order in March 2019.

“[Oh my, God] bless you kid. Mental basket sad case. I am going to share your scared wife’s video that was sent to us of you screaming crying as you smash your house up. What a sad bastard [you] are. No brains. Empty head. Losing streak. No management. Wife sending us videos in fear,” McGregor stated in deleted tweet.

The tirade continued with McGregor predicting that he would end Ferguson’s life if they were to compete inside the octagon, along with stating that the only thing he has left to do in his career would be to do the unthinkable in a fight. The tweet was deleted, but captured on the social media platform by another user.

McGregor did keep one tweet public in regards to Ferguson allegedly signed with a new management company in order to play professional baseball, amongst other accusations.

Both McGregor and Ferguson or in the midst of the longest losing streaks of their respective careers. McGregor is recovering from a broken tibia suffered in his recent TKO loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

Following the deleted tweets, McGregor posted some more on Twitter, and stated that until his PPV numbers drop as the biggest star in the sport’s history, he doesn’t plan on changing any time soon.

Ferguson teased fight news would be coming soon, which is interesting since Diaz, who has split two fights with McGregor in 2016, seemed to target Ferguson for a future matchup.

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