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Video: Shamil Musaev hands Uros Jurisic first loss, starts post-fight melee at KSW 58

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Shamil Musaev (blue shorts) takes down Uros Jurisic (green shirt) after their fight at KSW 58 on Saturday
@AjenoAmigo, Twitter

Shamil Musaev is going to have a lot of MMA fans talking about him, but probably not for the reasons he was hoping for.

The Russian welterweight won a battle of unbeatens against Uros Jurisic (11-1) on Saturday at KSW 58 in Lodz, Poland, taking a unanimous decision to improve to 15-0. After the fight, there appeared to be a disagreement between the fighters’ corners.

As their teams argued, Musaev approached Jurisic and tripped him to the mat. This was no friendly post-fight horseplay either as he began throwing punches at Jurisic.

A clearer view of Musaev’s attack can be seen here:

KSW officials announced on Twitter that the incident is under review. See the statement below:

The KSW owners and officials will review the incident regarding Shamil Musaev and Uros Jurisic following their bout earlier tonight here at KSW 58.

Upon a full review, a decision will be made on what actions to take.

(h/t Bloody Elbow)