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Video: Invicta FC’s best highlights from 2020

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Like every MMA promotion, Invicta FC had a challenging year in 2020. Forced to shutter amid the COVID-19 pandemic, live events were out of reach. But the all-female fight promotion eventually got back on its feet, restarting its schedule in July with a pair of events.

At the end of the year, Invicta had promoted six UFC Fight Pass-streamed events, just one fewer than 2019. And like before, the promotion delivered exciting action as profiled in a highlight reel of this past year’s best inside the cage.

Among the submissions: head-kick knockouts, submissions aplenty, one of the bloodiest fights ever in Julija Stoliarenko vs. Lisa Verzosa, and a very impressive featherweight debut from PFL lightweight champ Kayla Harrison. Several of the promotion’s standouts went on to fight in the UFC, further cementing Invicta as a premiere developer of women’s talent.

Check out the full video above, courtesy of Invicta FC.