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Morning Report: Dana White says he has targeted a potential pirate and ‘will go guns-a-f*cking-blazing on this guy’ if he streams UFC 257

Dana White
Dana White post presser
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Well that escalated quickly.

At the beginning of this year, UFC President Dana White promised ‘a surprise’ for anyone he caught illegally streaming UFC 257. Then last week, White doubled down on his threat, saying that he looked forward to seeing “how tough they are” when he catches them. Now, White apparently has people watching a suspected culprit and is ready to make good on his warnings.

“We got one,” White said at the UFC 257 Press Conference. “We got him. We’re watching this guy right now. All you have to do is turn it on Saturday, and we got you, f*cker. I can’t wait. Turn it on Saturday, streamers, and see what happens.”

Later in the day, White went on BT Sport where he elaborated on what he meant at the press conference, and how they found their suspect.

“When I came out and said this all these guys started taunting me,” White said. “So I went through, and I picked. I said, ‘You. You. You’re the guy.’ And I told my people, ‘I want this guy.’ And guess what? We got him. We’re watching his house, we’re listening to his phone conversations, and if he puts it up on Saturday, we got him.”

“He pops this link up on Saturday, we got him, and we will arrest him, and I will prosecute him,” White said. “I will not be nice. I will not give him any leniency whatsoever. I will go guns-a-f*cking-blazing on this guy.”

The UFC and Dana White have a long history attempting to combat piracy. Back in 2011, the organization estimated that it was losing around $30 million per year due to illegal streams. Since then the price of pay-per-views have increased from $49.95 up to $69.99, a 40 percent jump that, all things being equal, would put current lost revenue estimates at over $40 million per year. Fortunately for the UFC, the price of PPVs is not the only thing that’s changed. Last year, the United States Congress passed the Protecting Lawful Streaming Act of 2020 which allows law enforcement to prosecute pirate streaming services as a felony instead of a misdemeanor. It was a big win for copyright holders like the UFC and could prove as a deterrent to piracy moving forward. Of course ultimately, they still have to catch the people doing it, but that is something White has no concern he’ll be able to do.

“These guys think they’re so smart, they think they’re untouchable, they think it’s impossible,” White concluded. “When you have a company as big - if the NFL wanted to catch people for doing it, they can catch you. You can be caught. The guy just has to be as sick as me and want to get you. This guy puts this link up on Saturday night, he’s mine.

“Listen, I’ve got this built in mechanism. I don’t know what it is with me but if you want to fight with me, we can fight. And I like to fight and I like to win. I’m the wrong dude to play this game with.”


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Thanks for reading, enjoy the fights, and see y’all on Monday.



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