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Conor McGregor: Max Holloway is not the best boxer in the UFC ‘and I’ll prove that’ against Dustin Poirier

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Conor McGregor Esther Lin, Showtime

Conor McGregor has no problem giving credit where credit is due but he’s not ready to surrender an accolade to a potential opponent just yet.

This past Saturday, former UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway put on a five-round classic as he battered Calvin Kattar with strikes over five rounds. Holloway blitzed the New England native with five and six shot combinations in succession over 25 minutes while landing more than 400 significant strikes during the fight.

At one point, Holloway even managed to stop hitting Kattar just long enough to declare himself the best boxer in the UFC.

Of course that didn’t sit too well with McGregor, who responded to that news with an “LOL” on Twitter as a not so subtle reminder that he did manage to go nearly 10 rounds against one of the greatest pound-for-pound boxers in the history of the sport when he battled Floyd Mayweather back in 2017.

“He’s not the best [boxer],” McGregor said about Holloway when speaking to the MacLife. “It’s no question and I’ll prove that on Sunday morning. Let’s see what he has to say after Sunday morning.

“Watch, I’ll end up bleeding kicking Dustin [Poirier] in the head like the last one, I had the boxing crew with me and I end up bleeding kicking Donald [Cerrone] in the head and breaking his face with my shoulders. I have so many shots and it will just come out magically on the night.”

While he was obviously having fun with Holloway regarding his comment about being the best boxer in the sport, McGregor was definitely impressed by the performance he displayed against Kattar.

It’s been just over seven years since McGregor earned a unanimous decision against Holloway in his second bout as part of the UFC roster. Both fighters have accomplished so much since then and McGregor would be more than happy to revisit the Holloway fight at some point down the road.

“I thought it was a solid performance,” McGregor said. “He fought an up and comer. He done well. I was actually doing an interview and he skateboarded by the window ‘is that Max Holloway?’ So he’s obviously hanging around. Fair play to him, more power to him.

“He’s definitely in the pipeline for a bout against me. For sure, I would happily rematch Max. After a performance like that, he’s put himself right up there.”

Of course after last meeting at featherweight, McGregor made it clear that he has no plans to return to 145 pounds to face Holloway but invites the fight to happen at lightweight instead.

“He’s a tall lad. He’s taller than me so he could build up [to lightweight],” McGregor said regarding Holloway. “He’s only fought at 155 once, he fought against Dustin [Poirier] and he was a bit out powered. But he could certainly do it. Against other lightweights, you never know.

“Me and him, the rematch, would be at 155 for sure.”

Before he can think about a Holloway rematch, McGregor first needs to get through Dustin Poirier and it sounds like he plans on showing off a few new tricks of his own at UFC 257.

“I can go through all styles,” McGregor said. “I can paint many pictures inside that octagon. It’s just another wrinkle in my beautiful suit. So I look forward to getting in and showcasing all my skills.

“The boxing is certainly prevalent but I’m flowing through the air, also. I’m ready for it all.”