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Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell full fight video highlights

Watch Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell full fight video highlights from the boxing showdown above, courtesy of DAZN.

Garcia vs. Campbell took place Jan. 2 at American Airlines Center in Dallas. Garcia (21-0, 18 KOs) battled Campbell (20-4, 16 KOs) for a vacant WBC interim lightweight title in the main event, which aired live on DAZN.

Garcia won the fight via KO at the 1:58 mark of the seventh round after landing a brutal body shot that rendered Campbell unable to continue. Garcia, who survived a second-round knockdown, captured the WBC title and extended his unbeaten streak to 21 fights.

Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Garcia vs. Campbell, check out the live blog by Bad Left Hook.

Round 1: Garcia takes center ring first and paws with his jab, then throws one to the body. Campbell looking for his range and paws with his left hand. Left hook from Garcia misses and Campbell counters with a left hand. Jab lands upstairs for Garcia who is very aggressive to start this fight. Jab lands downstairs for Garcia. Campbell lands a left to the bo as counter. Another left to the body scores for Campbell but Garcia comes right back and lands a straight right that knocks Campbell off balance. Right hand lands to the body for Garcia as part of a three punch combination. Jab from Campbell partially lands. Garcia stalks forward and throws a few punches that Campbell blocks pretty well. Counter left lands for Campbell as Garcia sticks his tongue out at him. Left to the body makes partial contact for Garcia. I think Garcia was mostly the boss in that round. Garcia 10-9.

Round 2: Campbell lands a hard left hand to the body. Garcia comes back with a jab to the body. Another left to the body makes solid contact for Campbell. Right hand from Garcia gets blocked. Garcia tries to open up with power shots as Campbell covers up along the ropes before finding an escape route. Campbell jabs upstairs and falls a little short. Jab from Garcia lands, CAMPBELL PUTS GARCIA DOWN WITH A COUNTER! Garcia gets up and wants to continue! Left hand from Campbell lands downstairs. Campbell not going crazy and is lands a left hand upstairs. Lunging left misses for Campbell. Garcia lands a left hook to the body. Left hand from Campbell falls a little short again. Garcia tries to come back with a couple punches but they don’t land clean. Campbell 10-8, 19-18.

Round 3: Garcia tries to line up a straight right that misses. Campbell lands a jab down to the body. Garcia misses on another right hand that he loads up on. Campbell slips along the ropes and then measures with his left hand before throwing one to the body. Left from Campbell just falls short after a jab. Jab lands for Campbell but the left doesn’t. Another clean shot from Campbell snaps Garcia’s head back. Garcia lands a left to the body. Left hand from Campbell scores upstairs. Garcia misses on some shots as he unloads but Campbell covers up well. Campbell lands a lunging shot that takes some power of the punch. Counter jab lands for Campbell. Left from Campbell scores upstairs, then a jab to the body. Garcia throws a few punches but Campbell fires back to get off the ropes. Close round but I think Campbell largely controlled Garcia with his boxing. Campbell 10-9.

Round 4: Garcia lands a right to the body but misses the right hand. Campbell tries a body shot but Garcia pulls back off of it. Jab to the body doesn’t land well for Campbell. Garcia throws a few but doesn’t make solid contact. Jab to the body lands for Campbell but Garcia comes back with two. Campbell goes back down to the body with a left hand, then another. Hard right from Garcia lands pretty well upstairs. Another right hand from Garcia makes good contact. Campbell falls a little short on a left to the body before ducking a sweeping hook from Garcia.Left to the body lands for Campbell. Straight left lands upstairs and Garcia comes back with a couple of punches. Straight left lands to the body again for Campbell. Left hook from Garcia doesn’t land clean but makes some contact. I like Campbell’s left to the body in this round. Campbell 10-9, 39-36.

Round 5: Garcia presses forward and lands a left hand but takes a short in return. Jab from Campbell lands upstairs. Now Campbell jabs to the body and makes contact. Garcia partially lands a right hand lead. Left hook to the body lands for Garcia. Garcia throws and makes partial contact again but Campbell lands a left to the body. Now Garcia is warned for a punch landing below the belt. Garcia steps forward and Campbell lands a left to the chest. Right hand lands for Garcia this time. Straight right hand lands for Garcia to the head. Campbell comes back with a a left and Garcia throws two in return. FLurry from Garcia knocks Campbell back. Campbell gets back on his jab and touches to the body. Check hook lands for Garcia at the bell and hurts Campbell! Garcia 10-9.

Round 6: Campbell might have to get some respect here as Garcia is on the attack and is throwing with both hands trying to finish Campbell! Garcia getting a little wild and gets tied up with Campbell at center ring. Jab to the body lands for Campbell. Straight right from Garcia doesn’t quite find its mark. Campbell lands a left to the body in the midst of a combination. Campbell tries to jab to the body. Garcia eats a left from Campbell as he doubles it. Garcia comes back forward behind a right hand lead. Jab landds to the body for Garcia. Left hook from Garcia has Campbell on the retreat. Campbell lands a shot to back Garcia off momentarily. Garcia dominated the opening minute and that probably carries the round for him. Garcia 10-9, 56-57.

Round 7: Campbell comes forward and lands a couple of clean shots early. Jab from Campbell makes partial contact. Lead right from Garcia lands clean to the head. Left to the body from Campbell doesn’t land clean. Left to the body lands for Garcia. Garcia steps awat from a body shot from Campbell. Body shot from Garcia puts Campbell down! CAMPBELL CAN’T GET UP. Garcia KO-7.

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