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Jessica Eye downplays bad blood with Joanne Calderwood: ‘If you have beef with me, it’s probably because you don’t like yourself’

Jessica Eye has more important problems to give her attention than a supposed grudge against upcoming opponent Joanne Calderwood.

As she prepares to make her return at UFC 257 this weekend, the former flyweight title contender is competing for the first time since having gallbladder surgery last year that caused her numerous health issues including a horrendous weight cut in her previous two fights.

It was missing weight in her most recent appearance against Cynthia Calvillo that actually caused the dust up with Calderwood after the flyweights engaged in a back and forth war of words over social media. While that may be adding extra motivation for Calderwood ahead of Saturday’s fight, Eye downplayed any bad blood she had with her Scottish opponent no matter what’s been said in the past.

“I don’t have beef with anybody,” Eye said on Tuesday at UFC 257 media day. “If you have beef with me, it’s probably because you don’t like yourself and I’ve said something about you that you don’t like about yourself.

“To be honest, I really didn’t know there was an animosity but I guess that’s what happens when you are argue with people via social media. I don’t really feel there’s a beef. If that’s what’s going to get her out of bed to come fight me, OK. How do you have beef with another fighter? She never did anything to me. I don’t even know her. Come on, now.”

Rather than spend much time thinking about Calderwood or their supposed beef, Eye would rather focus on her recovery from gallbladder surgery, which helped her deal with many of the problems she had faced from recent performances.

Eye revealed that her gallbladder was essentially a dead organ when doctors finally figured out what was wrong with her and had it removed.

“Thank god I lost that fight [to Cynthia Calvillo] because me losing that fight means I get to be a better me,” Eey explained. “Cause I had no idea what I was truly dealing with. I think that fighters are the biggest liars in the world cause we lie about pain all the time. Whether we’re in it or whether we feel it, I think I was lying to myself for many, many years about the things I was feeling. After this last fight, it was so bad. The weight cut was absolutely terrible.

“It wasn’t until I was in the hospital on July 7 is when I finally found out that something was very wrong with me.”

A number of potential issues were plaguing Eye including the possibility of colon cancer or Crohn’s disease but ultimately the main culprit was her failing gallbladder. Now that it’s been removed and Eye has fully recovered, she’s anxious to fight as a fully healthy athlete rather than competing against her own body while also facing an opponent.

“I’ve got a little bit of a chip on my shoulder,” Eye said. “I really saw some really dark times and I felt really, really bad. When you think that you’re a survivor, like I was a survivor of abuse and stuff like that, but to go through something so traumatic like that. To have an organ removed from my body, there’s definitely been some things that I’ve had deal with in that way to really overcome it to the fact that I feel very, very powerful.

“I definitely have a chip on my shoulder because I was dealing with something I was trying to hide. I’ve said it now a couple of times, fighters are the biggest liars in the world. We lie about pain all the time. Like all the time, on a daily basis. I’m not hurting. I have no injuries. I have no excuse. So Jojo, if you beat me, you beat me because you’re the better person.”

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