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Alistair Overeem responds to Derrick Lewis ‘talking crap’ during his UFC Vegas 9 win over Augusto Sakai

Alistair Overeem received a lot of praise for his fifth-round TKO finish against Augusto Sakai in the UFC Vegas 9 main event, but there was at least one detractor taking shots at him the entire night.

Fellow heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis, who rarely takes to social media outside of his famous Instagram video posts that typically involve somebody taking a gruesome fall, decided to offer his scoring for the fight on Saturday night.

Lewis started by taking a shot at Overeem while giving his opponent the round during their fight.

“I got Sakai 10-7 just because Overeem running his mouth,” Lewis wrote on Twitter.

“The Black Beast” followed up while adding “so far I got Sakai winning all four rounds” despite the Brazilian nearly being finished at the end of round 4.

Following the close of the event, Overeem was asked about Lewis’ constant jabs at him while also addressing his interest in a potential fight between them down the road.

“Definitely,” Overeem answered emphatically at the post-fight press conference. “Derrick Lewis is just talking crap. My teammate Curtis [Blaydes] is going to destroy him and I’d be happy to kind of do that after Curtis. Curtis first.”

Lewis is currently scheduled to face Curtis Blaydes in the main event of the upcoming UFC Fight Night card on Nov. 28.

Ever since they faced off in a fight of their own back in 2018, Overeem has counted Blaydes as one of his main training partners and teammates while working out of the Elevation Fight Team in Colorado.

Judging from his comments, Overeem is definitely looking forward to watching Blaydes go to work against Lewis later this year.

As far as his own interest in the fight, Overeem is more focused on returning home to his daughters before addressing any particular opponents.

“No preference. You know what my preference is? Quality time with my girls,” Overeem said. “I’ve missed them. Camp is gruesome, separated for eight weeks. I kind of do that on purpose to get extra hungry, extra motivated.

“For now, I’m going to fly back early tomorrow and spend some quality time with them and then we’ll figure it out.”

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