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UFC Vegas 9 video: Andre Muniz taps out Bartosz Fabinski with slick armbar in the first round

UFC Fight Night: Muniz v Fabinski Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Andre Muniz needed less than three minutes to advance his winning streak to six in a row.

The Brazilian made Bartosz Fabinski pay for an early takedown attempt as he latched onto an armbar that earned a quick tap out at UFC Vegas 9. The end came at just 2:42 into the first round as Munoz moved to 2-0 in the UFC.

“I spent three months away from my family. I’m very happy with this victory,” Muniz said after the win. “I was expecting him to strike me. I was surprised when he took me down.

“I felt that his hand was under my arm pit and my intention was to do the armbar. At that position, it could have broke. I told the referee that it was going to break.”

The pace moved quickly after the fight started with Fabinski immediately looking to close the distance and secure a takedown. Muniz then wasted no time employing his submission arsenal as he first looked for a guillotine choke and then began setting up his guard to capitalize on any mistakes Fabinski made.

The opportunity came as Muniz looked like he was moving his legs into position for a triangle choke, which then forced Fabinski to circle away to keep his head out of trouble.

That moved him into the perfect spot for Muniz to then grab into the armbar and with Fabinski’s hand already trapped, the extension on the elbow was enough that the tap came just a second after the submission was secured.

Muniz definitely had to earn his way into the UFC after two previous appearances on the Contender Series but he’s made the most of the contract handed to him following that second victory. The Brazilian now has a finish on his resume as he continues to shine as a member of the UFC roster.

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