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Dana White adds ex-Best Buy employee who thwarted TV thief to UFC security team

Summer Tapasa-Sataraka
@danawhite, Twitter

Summer Tapasa-Sataraka took UFC President Dana White’s job offer and went from Hawaii to “The Ninth Island.”

The former Best Buy employee made headlines in January when she stopped a thief from stealing a television at her store in Aiea, Hawaii. Footage of Tapasa-Sataraka’s actions went viral and caught the eye of White, who took to social media to offer her tickets to UFC 246 and a possible job opportunity after learning that Best Buy might let her go as a result of the incident.

On Thursday, White tweeted out an update on Tapasa-Sataraka’s story, saying that she is now officially part of the UFC security team in Las Vegas.

“Do you remember the girl Summer that worked for Best Buy as security in Hawaii?” White said. “Somebody was stealing a TV, some dude, and she beat his ass and stopped him from stealing the TV and she got fired by Best Buy, which I thought was horrible. So I brought her out to Vegas, I offered her a job here, and she went back to Hawaii, she weighed all her options.

“Well, she decided to come work for the UFC, so she is now a UFC employee. So all you people thinking about fu**ing around over here at the UFC, you get your ass whooped by Summer.”

The above clip also includes an appearance from Tapasa-Sataraka herself, who says she’s been with the UFC for a little over a week and hopes to be “moving on up.”

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