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Kamaru Usman, Colby Covington tear into each other on live TV after UFC Vegas 11 headliner: ‘You’re dead’

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

After the high of receiving a phone call from President Donald Trump, Colby Covington was brought down to earth by UFC welterweight champ Kamaru Usman after a dominant win over Tyron Woodley at UFC Vegas 11.

“Wait until the next time I see you,” Covington said. “You’re not going to get a chance to call fake nut shots. You’re not going to get a chance to call fake eyepokes and gets 10 minutes of timeout and get a fake stoppage. You’re on borrowed time, motherf*cker. I’m getting my belt back.”

“First go wipe your mouth, you’ve got a little something on it from the president,” Usman said.

And then, they were off to the races, re-litigating the TKO loss Covington suffered against Usman this past December. It wasn’t long after he reportedly suffered a broken jaw that Covington claimed Usman had broken the rules and received an assist from veteran judge Marc Goddard. Another split screen interview gave Covington the time to bring out all the old hits.

But this time, minutes after a dominant win over Woodley, it appeared there was a little more fire behind them. By the time Covington neared the end of the interview with Usman, who was serving as an analyst for Saturday’s event at UFC APEX, he was shouting at the camera as Usman taunted him.

“Wait ‘til I see you next time, ‘Marty Fakenewsman,’” Covington roared, using his favorite nickname for the champ. “Wait ‘til I see you next time! You’re dead! We’ve got unfinished business! Show up! I’m coming for you.”

As with every one of Covington’s insults – and the former interim welterweight champ used them all, accusing his rival of being boring, on performance-enhancing drugs, and ugly – there was a simple response from Usman: “I broke your face.”

“Tell me right now what happens next time,” Usman said after listening to another verbal barrage from Covington.

“I’m knocking your ass out,” Covington said. “You’re going out cold, I guarantee it. Just like I wobbled you. I know you lost all those brain cells. I know you’re delusional right now. Wait next time until I see you. You better train hard. Keep doing that EPO. Keep it up. I don’t need nothing. This is raw American steel. I’ve got the president of the United States. Dragon energy. When I see you, you’re dead.”

Usman burst out laughing, then started coughing.

“Game of Thrones out here, huh? Dragon Energy, huh. Alright. OK.”

Given the promo video cut by Usman and Covington, it’s not hard to see the UFC expediting the matchup. But UFC President Dana White told broadcaster Megan Olivi that Burns will get the next title shot as promised; Usman was supposed to fight Burns at UFC 251 before a positive COVID-19 test gave another Covington Rival, Jorge Masvidal, a short-notice title shot and a decision loss to the champ. For Covington, that leaves another rivalry to cash in on with Masvidal, to whom he turned his attention after Usman’s broadcast time was up.

“That fight is a long time coming,” Covington said. “He talked a lot of talk. He said a lot of stuff in the media, screaming in the old gym all the time. Come see me. You talk the talk, walk the walk. Let’s step in that octagon. Let’s find out what happens. I’m going to melt you, motherf*cker. Jorge Masvidal, you stabbed me in the back, that’s why you’re the ‘Street Judas’ now. There’s nowhere to run. There’s nowhere to hide. You’re on borrowed time, too.”

And with that, one of the most unusual post-fight UFC interviews was over, with a winning Covington once again free to take control of the mic and sound off.

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