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The Weekly Grind: Jalin Turner and pet tarantula featured in artful hype video

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Instagram: @thetarantulamma, @wallywood

The life of a professional fighter isn’t all glitz and glamour.

As if getting punched, kicked, kneed, choked and twisted into a pretzel on a regular basis isn’t enough, fighters attract a general wackiness that makes their lives, well...interesting.

To commemorate these day-to-day hardships, slip-ups, pranks, and more, we bring you, “The Weekly Grind.”

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One of the best feelings ❤️ @friendscallmemo

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“Jaded ” ⚔️ -CSO- # Hashtag

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DIVAS #girlspower #friends

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Mexico bound ✈️ ✈️ #SouthoftheBurger

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Florida wife. Alaska husband.

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Highest Quality Fun #90%

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Me and my girls VS Everybody

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Bom Dia ❤️ @larissareis007

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3x400 post strength work with @bo.sandoval

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When I moved to the US by myself a few years ago I started feeling lonely and I had a hard time connecting with people, probably because of the cultural chock. But I forced myself to learn about the new amazing people around me. As a teenager I had a lot problems with my mother, we didn’t think the same. She grew up very tradicional and never accepted me playing sports. Now she does, thank God. I had a hard time trying to make her understand me. It was painful to Claudinha. I mastered relationships by trying to connect with my family and then with people that are wired in a completely different way than I do. And one of the most important things about relationships is that you have to understand that you have to work for them. When we are young we think we should just wait for a magic to happen to meet our soulmates, our friends are our soulmates too. We think it should be natural, we think it can just happen like that. But the true is, if you don’t Invest In your relationships you are not going to have good ones. Today the people I have in my life I do anything for them and I am sure they do the same for me. My mother is one of my best friends and God gave me another mother to show me what love is by accepting me with no conditions. The feeling to be emotionally connected with people I respect and look up to amazes me. Let’s build and strength our relationships, my friends. Hope you all have an amazing weekend. Quando mudei para os Estados Unidos, há alguns anos, comecei a me sentir sozinha e tive dificuldade de me conectar com as pessoas, provavelmente por causa do choque cultural. Mas me forcei a aprender. Quando adolescente, tive muitos problemas com minha mãe, não pensávamos o mesmo. Ela cresceu em uma família conservadora e nunca me aceitou praticar esportes. Agora ela aceita, graças a Deus. Tive muita dificuldade em fazer com que ela me entendesse. Foi doloroso. Eu dominei relacionamentos tentando me conectar com minha família e depois com pessoas que foram educadas de uma maneira completamente diferente da minha. Continuação nos comentários...

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No Caption Needed #RumbleSquad

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They grow up so fast fucking prince

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My boy Scar.... “Long live the King “

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Always forward, never back ✌️

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