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Post-surgery Ben Askren tells ‘son’ Sean O’Malley to ‘toughen up’ on ankle injury

You may have heard Ben Askren has a new(ish) hip. Just like an old salty dad, he likes to rub it in the face of his internet son.

Fresh out of the operating room, the retired UFC and ONE Championship star on Monday jabbed at UFC bantamweight star Sean O’Malley, who is recovering after an ankle injury suffered in a loss to Marlon Vera earlier this month at UFC 252.

“See, Sean O’Malley’s faking an ankle injury,” Asken said as he inched down a hospital corridor on a walker, held up by a nurse. “Needed a f*cking stretcher. I’m like four hours post-op from my hip, and Lisa’s got me walking already. Sean, toughen up a little bit, son!”

Askren and O’Malley have played up a running online joke that they’re related – thanks to similar mops of curls – and occasionally throw a little shade.

Askren revealed longstanding hip problems after announcing his retirement from the sport this past November. A loss to Demian Maia one month earlier and need for hip replacement surgery were the catalysts for his decision.

Since then, Askren has stayed engaged with the sport on Twitter and through a popular podcast. On the air, he’s frequently played up his relationship with O’Malley and UFC up-and-comer Chase Hooper, recently inviting the latter on his show for a cameo.

On his own YouTube show, O’Malley has fired back at critics of his loss, which came out in bulk after he doubled down on his opinion that he was superior to Vera and was only beaten by his injury.

“Did he win? Yes,” O’Malley said. “Am I undefeated? Yes. Mentally, I’m undefeated. I felt superior in there until my foot gave out.

“I probably sound stupid. That’s OK, because look at me. I’m a little not that smart, eh, but I am that smart, because you’re watching this video. And guess what, I get paid to make videos. So you guys commenting, hating, you’re getting me paid, so thank you.”

Askren doesn’t appear to be hating. But he is puffing his chest out, per usual, for the fans and his “son.”

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