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Derrick Lewis unleashes brutal ground-and-pound to knock out Aleksei Oleinik in UFC Vegas 6 main event

UFC Fight Night: Lewis v Oleinik Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Derrick Lewis capped off the UFC Vegas 6 main event with a brutal knockout thanks to some vicious ground-and-pound while also entering the all-time record books.

His second round finish over Aleksei Oleinik put Lewis at the top of the list for the most knockouts in UFC heavyweight history with 11 overall. The Houston native got the win at just 21 seconds into the second round while also securing his third straight victory in a row.

Prior to this fight, Lewis showed a new dedication to his training regimen and now it appears he’s going to hit the gym even harder before making his next appearance in the UFC.

“It feels good, especially knowing that I’m not where I need to be at,” Lewis said after having his hand raised. “I’m really not going to take no more fights until I walk around at 250 or 245 [pound] range. So I got to get down at least 15, 20 pounds. I’m not going to take no more fights at 260.”

Lewis promised a fast start after going to decision in his past two fights and “The Black Beast” did not disappoint by firing a head kick as soon as he was released from his corner. From there, Lewis was throwing bombs at Oleinik, attempting to get the knockout with every shot thrown but the Russian managed to survive the onslaught.

After battling for position against the cage, Oleinik eventually escaped from underneath Lewis and then reversed positions with a pair of takedowns. On the ground, Oleinik kept fishing for a scarf hold but Lewis stayed patient to resist the submission before the first round came to a close.

Following the one-minute break, Lewis once again came out gunning and this time he connected with a massive right hand that put Oleinik down on the ground.

He would not get up again.

Once the fight hit the floor, Lewis just bombarded Oleinik with a series of punches that chipped away at the last of the Russian’s defense before the last few shots finished the fight. As the last strikes landed, referee Herb Dean saw Oleinik fall limp, which forced him to intervene and call a stop to the contest.

Lewis immediately pounded the canvas with his signature celebration as he earned a third straight win while continuing to prove he’s one of the most terrifying heavyweights on the planet. Following the win, Lewis revealed that he’ll be taking a little bit of time off from fighting to focus on dropping a few more pounds before booking his next bout in the UFC.

“Hopefully [return] in December, some time in December,” Lewis said. “Right now, that’s all I’m focused on, trying to get my weight down.”

Already ranked in the top five in the division, Lewis has already faced and defeated many of the top fighters that heavyweight has to offer but based on his latest performance, this may be the best he’s ever been.

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