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PFL veteran Glaico Franca suspended for positive steroid test, but sentence already served

Ryan Loco, PFL

PFL veteran Glaico Franca finally found out his fate for a positive steroid test inOctober 2019. But due to a lengthy delay issuing the sanction, the Brazilian has already served his sentence.

On Wednesday, the Nevada Athletic Commission voted unanimously for an adjudication agreement where Franca received a nine-month suspension retroactive to the date of his test on Oct. 11, 2019.

Franca tested positive for stanozolol — an anabolic steroid banned at all times for athletes — but due to delays in finding an adequate lab to test his supplements along with the coronavirus pandemic, it took longer than expected for his punishment to be determined.

After a long wait, the Nevada Commission suspended Franca for nine months, which means his sanction actually ended on July 12.

If Franca fights in Nevada again, he’s required to pay a $7,500 fine along with $617.78 in attorney fees. He’ll also be required to undergo additional drug testing to prove he’s clear of any performance-enhancing drugs.

Franca hasn’t competed since he fought that night in October as part of the PFL tournament, where he won his first fight against Andre Fialho and then came up short in a majority decision to David Michaud. Following those fights, Franca announced his retirement from the sport, although he left the door open to return and compete again for the right opportunity.

As of now, Franca has not booked another fight.

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