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Missed Fists: Daraeak annihilates foe with jumping switch kick, more

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Daraeak (red gloves) connects with a jumping switch kick on Nauris Bartoska (blue gloves) at a Muay Hardcore show in Thailand
ThaiCh8, YouTube

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where we shine a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

Last week, we had some difficulty picking the lede for our feature, given the mixture of wacky and intense and strange highlights we were dealt. This week, there will be no such issue.

Daraeak vs. Nauris Bartoska

AL: Much like the unwritten rules of baseball (shout out to Fernando Tatis, Jr.), we have an unwritten rule at Missed Fists: You knock someone out with a jumping switch kick, then you’re the headline.

Congrats, Mr. Daraeak.

JM: So I bought EA UFC 4, not because I’m a big gamer and certainly not because the UFC video game series has been so excellent as to merit the purchase, but mostly just to see if they had finally figured out how to make grappling not suck. Well, they haven’t and so really what you have is mostly just bad kickboxing (which perhaps means the game is the most realistic of all the sports video games when factoring in comparison to the actual league), and I have been trying to get my Create-A-Fighter to knock someone out with a jumping switch kick. I have been failing miserably. In fact, one time Dustin Poirier knocked me out of the air Fedor-style and I lost my title.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Daraeak is better at real life fighting than I am at video game fighting and that stings. Not as much as Nauris Bartoska’s face does, I’m sure, but still.

AL: More proof we are living in a simulation, I guess.

While Bartoska waits to respawn, you guys can check out a free replay of last Saturday’s Muay Hardcore event on YouTube.

Seok Hyun Ko vs. Moon Ho Park
Jae Young Kim vs. In Ho Cha

Zipping over to Paju, South Korea, for Monday’s Angel’s Fighting Championship show (available for free replay on YouTube), we have exactly what you expect to see from this scene: Hard-headed sluggers just whipping baseball bat punches at each other.

Seok Hyun Ko picked up a 51- second KO of Moon Ho Park, but even more amazingly, somehow stopped himself from throwing any follow-up punches despite being in the middle of a flurry.

JM: I will never not be impressed by fighters who can turn the switch off like that. I’ve always had a pretty generous view of fighters landing follow-up shots because it makes sense to me: you go into battle mode and it has a momentum all its own. Good on Ko for not knocking a couple of Park’s teeth out unnecessarily. It’s a sport of gentlemen after all, I suppose.

AL: Extraordinary, inhuman gentleman some might say. And that includes Jae Young Kim here, who eats every shot from In Ho Cha and somehow ends up on the positive end of this next highlight:

JM: Even if you knew nothing about fighting, you can tell Kim has a great chin. The man just looks sturdy. And he’s proven it. This is a man who got punched in the face by Melvin Manhoef and is still out here fighting.

What was In Ho Cha thinking, believing that punching “The MMA Panda” in the face was the way to victory? He was a foolish, foolish man and he paid the price.

AL: Kim indeed survived a three-round fight with Manhoef and in fact entered this one with a sturdy record of 24-13. Cha? 2-4.

By the way, this was for an interim middleweight title. And you thought UFC belts were getting devalued!

Alexander Kadelya vs. Anatoly Tarasenko

Over in Ukraine, we had ourselves a charming sight as Alexander Kadelya and Anatoly Tarasenko headlined Golden Coat Fighting Championship 10, an event that featured fighters wearing gis or Sambo jackets according to @Grabaka_Hitman.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s funny that this fight counts on a pro record the same as a UFC or Bellator or ONE Championship bout would, even though superficially it looks so different. Nice head kick too, Kadelya, and the little skip and kick after was straight adorable.

JM: So this is just combat sambo in a cage, basically? I’m down for it.

Also, when you watched this did you think Tarasenko actually ducked under the kick? Because I sure did and it took me a minute to figure out that he was actually in trouble. I guess when you’re talking about kicking someone in the dome, it doesn’t take much to cause problems. Unless you’re The MMA Panda, of course.

AL: Damn, those jackets are snazzy.

GCFC MMA 10 is available for pay-per-view replay on FITE TV.

David Onama vs. Sam Agushi
Joseph Lowry vs. Piankhi Zimmerman
Vladimir Shishkin vs. Oscar Riojas
Marlon Harrington vs. Ricardo Medina
Danielle Perkins vs. Monika Harrison

We now make a stop in the magical world of UFC Fight Pass to look at a grab bag of shows, firstly James Krause’s Fighting Alliance Championship promotion, which held its third show in Independence, Mo., last Friday.

One of the most fun bouts on the card was a featherweight matchup between David Onama and Sam Agushi. A submission fighter, Agushi just went all-out trying to get this one to the ground, but he couldn’t handle the fast hands of Onama.

Agushi recovered from that, but another knockdown ended things soon after. That’s a 5-0 record now for Onama, a product of Krauses’s Glory MMA and Fitness team.

JM: That’s an impressive showing. He was really able to implement his game plan and showed good power to boot. Considering he’s a preferred prospect of a veteran like Krause, you’ve got to think bigger venues are in store for him soon.

AL: A couple of weeks ago, we saw Gavin Tucker almost lose his shorts going for a guillotine choke against Justin Jaynes. Wardrobe malfunctions happen on the regional scene too, and here’s poor Piankhi Zimmerman at Cage Fury Fighting Championship 83 getting absolutely mollywhopped by Joseph Lowry while also having to wonder how much his proverbial fly was open.

JM: Honestly, mad respect for Zimmerman. He was clearly outgunned here but he never quit, even when the MMA gods tried to literally shorts him in the cage. Still stumbling around and swinging with what he had. The man knows how to not give up, even if he doesn’t know how to tie his shorts strings.

AL: Regional boxing also made its way to Fight Pass this week in the form of a Detroit Brawl card that took place at the relocated Kronk Gym. The card featured mostly up-and-comers with little pro experience, but Vladimir Shishkin did boost his record to 11-0 with a ninth-round TKO of Oscar Riojas.

That sweat-shedding blow didn’t end the fight, though it probably could have. The referee stepped in for the stoppage shortly after giving Riojas extra time to get his face punched in.

JM: Sweat-misting punches are always awesome. It’s like a video game in real life. Unless, of course, you’re on the receiving end of them. Then I’d imagine it sucks something fierce. I wouldn’t know though. If I ever got tired enough to have sweat pouring from my face, I’d just tap out.

AL: Instant air dry.

Speaking of fights that went a touch longer than they should have, here’s Marlon Harrington absolutely putting it on Ricardo Medina.

The way Medina fell that second time, I’m thinking it could have been waved off there. What say you?

JM: I’m fine with this stoppage. The first knockdown wasn’t all that brutal. He just caught him and sat him down. The second one was definitely rougher but still within the range of, “My guy just needs to make it to the round end and recover a little bit.” The third was the sweet spot of accumulation of damage vs. giving the guy a fighting chance (and a TKO anyway). I like it. Herb Dean, take notes.

AL: And we couldn’t leave off without shouting out Monika Harrison for this incredible effort that saw her come up juuuuuuuuust a bit short and end up falling on her ass.

Let’s remember that Harrison and Danielle Perkins are ten times tougher than I’ll ever be so this is a mention of love and respect, not mockery.

JM: Talk about going down swinging, amirite?

AL: Had to be said.

Akihiro Fujisawa vs. Pongsiri Mitsatit

We began with a kickboxing KO and we close with a KO featuring muay Thai kickboxer Pongsiri Mitsatit dropping his fourth straight fight after getting handled by Akihiro Fujisawa at ONE Championship: No Surrender 2.

Fujisawa drops Mitsatit, takes advantage of the Superior Ruleset, and then drops a charging Mitsatit again. Ouch.

JM: The worst part of that punch is that it came after like, 50 other shots. Fujisawa threw the kitchen sink at him, punches, elbows, and knees all landed on the ground but that was just loosening the lid for the left hook that ended it. With only a few seconds left, you’ve got to think that Mitsatit is regretting charging once more into that particular breach.

AL: No ragrets, ever. That’s a fitting segue into this preview of an upcoming show.

People, don’t forget, what will probably be the most Missed Fist-y event of the year takes place this Saturday in Bangkok, Thailand. CamSoda makes its return to the combat sports realm, partnering up with Full Metal Dojo to bring you the first-ever Fight Circus, live and free Saturday at 10 p.m. ET at

ICYMI (and how could miss it?), here’s the trailer:

JM: I mean this with 100 percent sincerity, that trailer is better than anything the UFC has done in YEARS. Not even considering my own personal love for what CamSoda is bringing to MMA, that trailer is just sensational. It let’s you know exactly what you are in for on Saturday night and Snake Plissken saying “Bangkok Rules” is perfection.

AL: That part is amazing.

JM: Every part of it is amazing. The slow build at the start, the music, the fact that they straight up advertise this as a “Freakshow,” it’s all so beautiful.

Seriously, this is a very necessary part of MMA. The UFC spent decades trying to cleanse themselves of the “human cockfighting” stigma and that’s fair and reasonable and okay. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching world-class MMA. But at the same time, the roots of this sport are carnival sideshow ridiculousness and I have a great deal of love for that aspect as well.

Bring on the freakshow fights!

AL: Saturday night. Fight Circus. Bangkok. Be there.


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