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UFC 252 live blog: Herbert Burns vs. Daniel Pineda

UFC 252 Miocic v Cormier 3: Weigh-Ins Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

This is the UFC 252 live blog for Herbert Burns vs. Daniel Pineda, a catchweight main card bout on Saturday’s fight card at UFC APEX in Las Vegas.

The bout was made a catchweight bout at 146. 5 pounds after Burns weighed in heavy for the bout. Despite his miss, Burns has won his past five bouts, including two successful UFC appearances. Pineda returns to the UFC for another octagon stint after a short-notice run with the PFL, where he won two straight to earn a spot in the finals before a drug positive led to his ouster.

Check out the UFC 252 live blog below.

Round 1: Mark Smith is the third man in the cage tonight. Pineda comes out and lands a big overhand right early. Burbs lands a high kick and then shoots a takedown and gets it but Pineda forces a scramble and after some doing, gets back to his feet. Unfortunately for Pineda though, he’s got a cut over his right eye. No time for that though as Pineda lands a right hand and then takes Burns down against the fence and now Pineda is landing some ground and pound. Pineda looking good on top actually and Burns is in defense mode. Not for long though as Burns looks to roll on an armbar. Pineda is savvy to it and avoids and he’s back on top and punching Burns. Big elbow lands for Pineda and he’s looking good through three minutes. Strong posture from Pineda and Burns is being patient and defending. Pineda is starting to land some big shots and now Burns is moving to get to his but but Pineda stuffs him into the fence and is ramming shots. Burns nearly locks on a triangle from the bottom but Pineda shucks it off and he’s back to pounding on Burns. Given that Burns missed weight, this could be bad news for him as he’s been getting hammered in this first round. Pineda lands another elbow and the round ends with Pineda still on top.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Pineda.

Round 2: It was apparently a knee that cut open Pineda but obviously that cut has not been much of a problem so far. Burns comes out with a couple of kicks, lands a sharp right hand and scores a takedown off of it. That was nice and now Burns is in top on half guard and the roles have been reversed. Burns lands a big shot on the ground and Pineda rolls to stand, giving up his back. Burns hops on and drags Pineda down and now they are in a slightly awkward position on the floor with Burns trying to maintain back control and Pineda elbowing his leg. Now Burns has adjusted and is on top, nearly in full mount. Burns looks to be setting up an arm-triangle but Pineda forces a scramble. Burns stay with him though and now he’s on the back, against the fence. Pineda spins though and now he’s on top with Burns against the fence. Pineda moves to top half and he’s back to hammering Burns. Burns appears to be gassed and Pineda moves to top crucifix! Burns is now trying to scramble but Pineda is strong on top and punching away. Big elbows from Pineda in the crucifix and Burns is now thrashing around trying to escape. Warning comes from Mark Smith and Burns is grunting to escape but Pineda is too strong on top. More elbow and Burns cannot get free! And Mark Smith steps in! What a performance from Daniel Pineda.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Daniel Pineda stops Herbert Burns by TKO (strikes) at 4:37 of Round 2.

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