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Police report alleges Mike Perry struck several people including a woman at Texas restaurant

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Mike Perry avoided arrest after allegedly assaulting a number of people in a Lubbock, Texas, restaurant, but the police report revealed disturbing details about the altercation.

Lubbock Police released the report on Thursday following the incident earlier this week.

According to the police report, Perry allegedly struck at least three different victims with one of the victims claiming he also struck a woman trying to break up the initial altercation.

Perry was apparently still “angry” and agitated when police arrived, and he told officers “these people were putting their hands on me as I was trying to leave the building.” He then claimed that there was an argument between himself and the first victim and that the victim’s girlfriend stepped in between them and began “clawing” at him.

Perry claims that the second victim in the case then placed a hand on his shoulder, so he “pushed his face back” aggressively while telling everyone not to touch him. At that point, Perry claims he was trying to leave the restaurant with when the third victim — the older gentlemen seen in the video that was released of the incident — approached him and grabbed his face and shirt.

That’s when Perry claims he struck the third victim and he fell to the ground.

Perry alleged that he believed the first victim was “saying things about” his girlfriend, Latory Gonzalez, and that’s ultimately what started the incident.

The second victim in the altercation told police that he witnessed Perry hit “this guy,” who was later identified as the first victim in the assault. The second victim claims he saw Perry hit a woman, who was the girlfriend of the person initially involved in the incident with the UFC welterweight.

When he attempted to intervene, the second victim claims Perry punched him.

The older gentlemen who was punched by Perry in the video released was transported to Covenant Medical Center after he was allegedly knocked unconscious with one witness claiming he heard the man’s head hit the concrete.

The third victim struggled to remember the incident when speaking to police after he had been knocked unconscious. Eventually, the victim advised police he remembered Perry striking one person and then following the UFC fighter telling him that he witnessed the assault. The victim didn’t remember the punch or the aftermath of what happened.

The video released also showed Perry shouting a racial slur during the altercation as he continued yelling at the restaurant patrons after the incident first began.

Perry was only charged with Class A assault, which is a misdemeanor. He will be required to make a court appearance over the charge and could potentially face a fine up to $500.

While he’s made no public comment directly addressing the situation, Perry released several volatile tweets this week, which seemingly came after the altercation happened.

“If you see us in public and you get too close, I’m gonna hit you,” Perry wrote on Twitter. “Social distancing says you gotta stay six feet away from us. You come in my bubble, you getting Sparta kicked in the nuts and f**kin stone cold stunnered, b*tch!

“Please try me. I promise I will baptize you in the name of street Jesus!”

He later issued another tweet saying “no comment” without any further messaging once the video was released of the incident.

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