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Dana White donating proceeds from ‘UF-Sea’ shirts to one of John Oliver’s favorite charities

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UFC president Dana White is going to do some good in the world after taking the suggestion of Last Week Tonight host John Oliver.

A few weeks back, the Emmy award winning host talked about the UFC’s plans to build “Fight Island” as sports leagues around the world try to figure out a way to come back safely during the coronavirus pandemic. During the segment, Oliver joked about the UFC’s less than creative name for “Fight Island” and he suggested several alternatives including the most obvious choice — UF-Sea.

Well, White took the ball and ran with it after that by trademarking the name “UF-Sea.” Oliver then responded by claiming an expired UFC trademark for “You Will Submit” and putting it on baby onesies for sale on the official HBO Shop with a nod of thanks to “Dumps McFightman” aka the UFC president.

Now White has taken another step forward in this fun back-and-forth with Oliver by creating a pair of shirts emblazoned with the “UF-Sea” logo on them but he’s not seeking to make profits off the sales.

Instead, White revealed when speaking to TMZ that he’s going to take all of the proceeds from the sale of the shirts and donate the money to one of Oliver’s favorite charities.

“He was making fun of ‘Fight Island’ and basically saying ‘this idiot is going to build an island where people can fight during COVID-19’ and all this stuff. I’m actually a John Oliver fan,” White said. “So I went out and I trademarked — he said you should have just called it ‘UF-Sea’ — so I trademarked UF-Sea. Then he went out and bought a trademark of ours that had lapsed and he’s actually doing baby onesies that say ‘you will submit’ or something like that.

“My t-shirts are done. These are going to go up for sale on the UFC website. They’re going up this week and all proceeds to these t-shirts — I did some research and John Oliver, one of his big charities is the Bob Woodruff Foundation. The Woodruff Family Foundation mission is to ensure injured post 9/11 service members, veterans and their families are thriving long after they return home. So that’s one of his big charities. So all the money from the UF-Sea shirts are going to go to one of John Oliver’s charities.”

Considering some of the stupid rivalries that get started, White and Oliver seem to be having a lot of fun with this particular “feud” while actually doing some good for charity.

The two UF-Sea shirts are currently available through the UFC store for $35 each.

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