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Video: Jorge Masvidal has friendly encounter with Michael Bisping, recaps past feud

Two of MMA’s biggest personalities, Jorge Masvidal and Michael Bisping were bound to clash when they were both active fighters but now that the two are at different stages of their careers, their rivalry is long buried.

Masvidal shared a video on YouTube showing an amicable encounter between himself and the former UFC middleweight champion, while also providing a recap of his rocky history with Bisping to provide some added context.

The two first butted heads in 2017 when Masvidal took umbrage with Bisping ripping a miniature Cuban flag to build up a feud with Yoel Romero, and then the two later had a hotel lobby scuffle ahead of UFC 217. They had another heated altercation in the lead-up to a Fight Night event in Shanghai the following year.

Watch the video above to see the two shake hands, footage of the incidents, plus Chael Sonnen’s breakdown of why Masvidal and Bisping were able to move on.

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