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Jon Jones wants to be ‘treated fair’ by UFC after ‘ripping’ him off for the majority of his career

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Jon Jones is unhappy with the UFC right now, but it turns out his gripes with the promotion should probably stretch back almost a decade.

Most recently, the UFC’s longest reigning light heavyweight champion got into a very public spat with Dana White over contract negotiations for a potential showdown against Francis Ngannou. The ugly back-and-forth saw Jones blast the UFC for failing to live up to its promises and White firing back while calling his demands “absurd” when compared to his drawing power.

“Everything was good until I asked for a piece of the pie,” Jones wrote on Twitter. “UFC totally comfortable with me taking concussions for over a decade but asking for generational wealth. Get the f**k out of here.

“Do you not listen to Dana? Almost every interview he mentions how the UFC are breaking new records and are at an all time high. Dana mentioned I want [Deontay] Wilder money. Meanwhile, over the entirety of my career, I haven’t even made a quarter of that.”

In addition to his complaints about the current contract negotiations, Jones took a good, hard look at his past with the UFC where he first became a champion back in 2011.

Even then, Jones is convinced he was vastly underpaid compared to his worth to the company yet he never really made much noise about it until now.

“When I was in my prime, the UFC’s way of not paying me was telling me I wasn’t a star,” Jones said. “Had me grateful for a new car meanwhile making tens of millions without my knowing. Impressed a young kid with a Bentley to fight Lyoto Machida while they collected millions.

“I’m not even asking for back pay for ripping me off throughout my entire 20’s. Just wanted to be treated fair moving forward.”

Jones also offered a warning to the next generation of athletes coming up in the UFC to learn a lesson from his mistakes.

“Advice to you young fighters if you’re hot right now, get paid,” Jones said. “As much as the UFC is building your brand, you are building theirs. If you think your biggest paydays will come after being with the company for a while, you are wrong.

“I fought mega fight after mega fight throughout my early 20’s for under $2 million a fight. Who knows what I’m actually owed. Makes me feel like a fool even thinking about it. This statement isn’t entirely true. It was right around $2 million a fight. Not fair to say it was under, still robbery.”

As irate as Jones might be about the past, he’s only concerning himself with the future when it comes to the UFC.

He’s already under a long term deal with the promotion so Jones won’t be fighting for anybody else but it appears he’s still miles away from any middle ground with the promotion.

“Like I said I’m not even fighting for what happened in the past,” Jones explained. “I just would like to know they would be willing to at least play ball moving forward. The way the beginning of our heavyweight negotiations was going sent nothing but red flags.

“Just to be treated fair man. For all of us fighters to finally start getting a higher percentage. No one’s asking to break the bank, just show your athletes you don’t think we are all idiots.”

For now it appears Jones is content sitting and waiting until he can finally reach an agreement that will appease his concerns.

“Oh trust me I’m enjoying the vacation, I’ve been suspended quite a few times,” Jones wrote. “This is nothing new for me. It just sucks Dana is being so stubborn and greedy. It’s ultimately hurting the fans.

“If me sitting from fighting somehow helps some fighters in the future get taken care of better, well I did my job. You’re welcome.”

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