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Aljamain Sterling not sold on Petr Yan, more than ready to take out the ‘boogeyman’ at bantamweight

Aljamain Sterling knows his title shot is next, but he still has to wait for a new bantamweight champion to be crowned when Petr Yan faces off with Jose Aldo in July.

Sterling has actually pushed for a fight against Yan numerous times over the past several months, but the UFC never put them together. Now Yan is considered the top contender in the division and he’s regarded as arguably the most feared man in the weight class.

Just don’t count Sterling among those who are buying the hype.

“Petr Yan’s a tough dude. He’s good but I’m not sold on him yet,” Sterling said at the UFC 250 post-fight press conference. “I still think there’s some question marks to be answered.

“Maybe this one’s going to answer those questions or if not, I’d love to be the guy to get put into that position to take out the boogeyman that everyone thinks. I’m like dude, he’s a f**king person. He bleeds just like everybody else. I don’t give a sh*t.”

Check out what else Sterling had to say about his expectations for a title fight, staying ready if he needs to replace Yan or Aldo and his thoughts on Black Lives Matter along with protests happening around the world.

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