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Report: Albuquerque Police Department investigating conversation between Jon Jones and officers ahead of Black Lives Matter protests

@JonnyBones, Twitter

Jon Jones has been active in his attempts to help keep the peace on the streets of Albuquerque, N.M., during the recent Black Lives Matter protests, but the local police department wants to make sure everything is above board.

New Mexico’s KOB 4 reports that an interaction that took place between Jones and uniformed officers ahead of Monday’s protests is under investigation by the Albuquerque Police Department due to concerns of escalation between civilian volunteers like Jones and protesters.

A video of the conversation was shared on social media, prompting the APD to issue a response:

“This interaction came to our attention today,” the APD wrote. “This was not a Department-sanctioned contact, and we are investigating the incident.”

“APD opposes vigilante actions and attempts by civilians to intervene in planned, peaceful protests,” the department added in a subsequent tweet. “We also discourage the presence of armed civilians at protests, which has the potential to escalate violence, not prevent it.”

Earlier this week, Jones has shared video and pictures himself and others from the Jackson Wink gym taking to the streets to confront vandals and assist in community cleaning efforts.

The UFC star’s conversation with the officers appears to be amicable, with an officer appearing to go over the parameters of the civilian involvement with Jones and his associates.

“I’m sure you guys can deescalate just by talking to them,” the officer said. “But, obviously with us in uniform, they treat us a little bit different. So I mean, if you guys can talk to them on that level.”

“If we get in the way, if we’re being more of a distraction than help, just give one of us a call, and we’ll clear the area as soon as possible,” Jones later replied.

According to APD spokesperson Gilbert Gallegos, civilians like Jones are appreciated, but the department has to emphasize safety and order.

“We want to discourage that kind of activity,” Gallegos told KOB 4. “Because regardless of their intentions, it has the potential to actually escalate the situation.”

“We very much understand the frustration of business owners, in particular, who are trying to protect their property,” Gallegos added. “But, the police — we’re downtown and dealing with these situations, we have a whole series of steps we take to try, and create the least amount of escalation — or potential of escalation — as possible at first.”

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