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Missed Fists: Blogger vs. blogger rooftop battle, more

Bloggers Oleg Mongol and “Grigory Fatty TV” battle on a rooftop
RT Sport, YouTube

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where we shine a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

Full disclosure: We’ve got ourselves a healthy plate of awesome finishes this week, but Jed correctly pointed out that this feature has been missing some of that classic freak show flair that we’ve all come to know and love.

So let’s get this blogger vs. blogger business out of the way before moving on to the pros.

Oleg Mongol vs. Grigory Fatty TV

JM: Here’s the thing. I don’t know if this happened recently or not. I know very little about this. And it coming from RT Sport makes everything about it at least somewhat suspect. But here’s one thing I do know: rooftop MMA is the way of the future.

Look at the majestic vistas behind these two warriors! A view fit for this massive event.

AL: When last we saw Oleg Mongol, the 40-something-year-old blogger was putting a beatdown on Russia’s answer to Popeye, Kirill Tereshin. Whatever all this is is apparently his thing now and I’m now wondering why you can’t be the U.S. equivalent of this guy? I truly believe people would pay good money to see you scrap with Z-list internet personalities. Imagine you whooping up on the Angry Bagel Guy or something.

JM: I cannot tell you how much I would enjoy it if that became my MMA niche. I’ve had my ass whipped before (shocking, I know) and would happily take the occasional beating in exchange for pioneering this sort of renegade, weird fighting.

One condition though: I demand all my fights be accompanied by similar music and ridiculous graphics, like this one. I also want lightning bolts somewhere in there.

AL: We can make this happen.

A quick google search for “Grigory Fatty TV” reveals… literally nothing, so we honestly can’t confirm whether this guy is actually a blogger of note or someone that they simply dug up for this video.

These two are given a couple of two-minute rounds to play with and that’s probably four minutes too many for poor Grigory. As we saw in his scrap with Tereshin, Mongol clearly has actual martial arts training and even if he’s just taking classes at the Russian equivalent of the Y, he’s not having any problems with Grigory. Apparently, he knocks Grigory’s tooth out at some point.

You know, I don’t have a lot more to say about this.

JM: Really? I have so much more to say about this. Have you ever seen an obese man slip a punch with such grace and aplomb? Do you think wearing necklaces helped them in the fight? Why was this labeled MMA when it took place on concrete and grappling was obviously not allowed?

AL: Yes. Yes. Something something pinnacle of the sport something something.

JM: I look forward to the rematch in three months.

Sebastian Rajewski vs. Mariusz Mazur

AL: Poland’s Babilon MMA promotion returned on Monday, holding its first show since February and Sebastian Rajewski rang in the good times with a whopper of a head kick against Mariusz Mazur.

This was Rajewski’s third head kick KO in four fights, how have we never featured this guy before? We love head kicks! Egregious oversight on our part.

JM: Plus we also love painted-on sponsorships. We really dropped the ball here.

AL: After a slow start, Rajewski has now won four straight to improve to 8-5 as a pro. But again, when you’re winning by head kick, those wins should count as triple, so he’s really closer to 14-5 in my eyes.

JM: I couldn’t agree more. I’ve always found that to be one of the lamer things about fighting. A BS split decision win counts the same as a KO of the Year. We need weighted MMA wins, factoring in quality of opposition, level of dominance, and dopeness.

Vladislav Chernobrivtsev vs. Daniil Olenev
Valery Gritsutin vs. Geldi Arnazarov
Vladimir Mineev vs. Artur Pronin

AL: Once again, we check in on Minsk, Belarus, which has become a haven for MMA during the COVID-19 pandemic. This time, we have action from the inaugural Leon Warriors show, which as with other recent Belarus cards, features mostly inexperienced fighters stepping into the cage.

Case in point, here’s Vladislav Chernobrivtsev improving to 3-1 with a “just the tip” head kick KO of Daniil Olenev.

JM: See, that right there should be worth 1.78 wins. He’s docked points for facing a debuting fighter and the head kick is not the coolest, but it’s still a head kick KO and deserves some love.

AL: Valery Gritsutin brought an 8-7 record into his fight with pro debutant Geldi Arnazarov, and his experience advantage undoubtedly contributed to the setup of this Peruvian Necktie.

If a Peruvian Necktie happens, it must be included in Missed Fist, much like anytime there’s an Ezekiel choke or any sort of flying submission.

JM: Now this one, this is more like 2.11 wins. Again, we have to dock Gritsutin for facing a debuting fighter when he already had 15 fights, but still, a Peruvian Necktie is a Peruvian necktie. We must respect the importance of dopeness in MMA.

AL: The main event actually featured two fighters with respectable records, Vladimir Mineev (13-1) and Artur Pronin (16-4). Mineev has primarily competed for Fight Nights Global, while Pronin’s most recent appearance was at Bellator 234 where he was submitted by Haim Gozali.

It’s Mineev who ended up on the right side of a highlight though, dropping Pronin with an uppercut and giving us our Humpty Dumpty fall of the week.

JM: Now this right here, this is a strong 3.14. Solid quality of opposition, dominant showing (controlled most of the 2:48 seconds), and then absolutely perfect highlight reel punch, with the Humpty Dumpty fall for good measure. Take a bow, Mineev.

AL: This weighted wins system is getting so granular.

JM: You know me, ever the perfectionist.

Ryo Okada vs. Kazuma Kuramoto

AL: At a Shooto show in Japan on Sunday, Ryo Okada found Kazuma Kuramoto’s off-switch and flicked it with a left hand bomb.

JM: Now that’s how you finish a wounded opponent. Okada had Kuramoto doing a full backwards run to avoid him. Sadly for Kuramoto, MMA takes place in a cage and Okada waited for the perfect moment to spark him. 3.01 wins.

Mike Lilly vs. Kendly St. Louis

AL: Speaking of bombs, it sounded like one went off when Kendly St. Louis hit the mat after being cracked by a right hand from Mike Lilly at Titan FC 60 (available for replay on UFC Fight Pass) on Monday.

JM: That man fell HARD. Follow up shots weren’t even kind of necessary and doing so means I ended up docking some points from Lilly as walk-off KOs are almost exclusively cooler (unless you’re Dan Henderson). 2.65 wins.

AL: That’s on the ref for taking his sweet time waddling over. This is a three-point win if I’ve ever seen one.

You know, when I think of the word “lily,” I think of gentle flowers, a warm summer’s day, innocence. When I think of Mike Lilly, I will definitely not be associating him with anything remotely peaceful.

JM: Fun fact: depending on the variety and color, lilies can symbolize a whole host of things, ranging from purity, sympathy, and friendship to death and funerals. Mike Lilly seems to be closer to one side of the spectrum than the other...

Brent Primus vs. Jake Shields

AL: And before we leave off, we have to give a shout-out to Brent Primus for taking care of business at Submission Underground 14 on Sunday, tapping Jake Shields out with an armbar.

Primus now holds a grappling win over Jake Shields and a Bellator title fight win over Michael Chandler. Put some respect on this man’s name!

JM: This is vastly more impressive than his Bellator title. Shields can grapple his ass off and has a decent size advantage over Primus. That’s certainly the most impressive I’ve ever seen him look.

Kudos, Brent! 3.45 wins.


What was the most memorable Missed Fists moment this week?

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    Sebastian Rajewski continues head kick spree
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  • 9%
    Vladimir Mineev scores a rocket uppercut
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  • 5%
    Mike Lilly ends Kendly St. Louis
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  • 35%
    Brent Primus makes Jake Shields tap
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